The Visceral Death of Single Player and We're to Blame

With Visceral and their Star Wars game, gone. EA has terminated both Visceral and their project for change in direction towards, a "more online" approach. With more publishers making games "As Services", trying to copy the formula MOBAs, mobile, and games like Overwatch have found success in. As gaming production cost continues to rise. Is it only fair for EA to look at a more sustainable source to grow their business? Can we blame EA, when we as gamers consistently push visuals and power over functionality? When single player games have been hit or miss commercially, and we seeing developers and publishers play it safe? Are games as services the next evolution in modern day gaming? Are we seeing the end of single player games as we know it?

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Ashlen366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

It's not my fault I spoke out about DLC since the whole idea and I stopped buying game from the big publishers last gen.

That said in large part it's not even the gamer fault it's the greed of these companies. Ya know it used to be make a game and if you make enough profits to make your next game and pay your staff you were happy. Now you have got companies like EA who make billions in profits and are still looking to squeeze every last penny out of the consumers.

There used to be an argument about is gaming an art form, that is totally dead for these companies it's become how can we make the most money with the least investment quality and value is not a concern anymore.

TheOttomatic91366d ago

Um no we aren't its all on EA

Chexs1990366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

There's a whole generation of teenagers who refuses to play anything that doesn't have online connections. Essentially what most people on n4g calls casuals. They mostly just wanna play online with friends. Blame them, not adults who remember s***t from before the online only crisis -_-

andrewsquall365d ago

Its MY fault for not buying any EA games this gen?