ATLUS Announced Online Store with Pre-Orders for Persona 5 Merchandise

ATLUS announces the launch of their online store with the chance to nab pre-orders for Persona 5 merchandise along with other of our favorites at ATLUS.

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DirtyPete368d ago

The plushies tho, those things look awesome. Cool to get this stuff away from AX

367d ago
Ashlen368d ago

I would really like a large wall sized framed picture of Yusuke's first portrait of Mementos. I would pay a premium price for that.

DirtyPete368d ago

They should hire you as a product designer that'd be sweet!

Nyxus368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

I have a Morgana plush that came with my CE. :)

The phones cases look pretty nice too.

DirtyPete368d ago

Totally jealous of that plush X)

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