Introducing the Mini Wired Gamepad for PS4

New controller for the little kiddie hands.

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alexgibson369d ago

I think the controller also helps disabled people who suffer hand cramps using the larger DS4. Good thinking, Sony!

Death369d ago

if I was going to rip off the design of a competitors controller the least I would do is have the courtesy of changing the color.

Eonjay368d ago

You know its impossible to rip off of yourself right...

Death368d ago

I wasn't aware the Nintendo Joycon was a Sony design. I stand corrected, thank you.

darthv72368d ago

looks more like the wii classic controller.

ocelot07368d ago

If you are going to accuse Hori of ripping off a competitors controller with this design at least get name the correct controller it's apparently ripping off. It actually looks near identical to the Wii classic controller except for the colour.

The joy con is much smaller and has less buttons and only 1 analogue per joy con. The colour is also different. Hori one is dark blue the Joy con is neon blue.

bouzebbal368d ago

Looks like wii controller.
Sits very well in small hands my kids will be happy.

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PhantomTommy368d ago

I know everyone is saying these are for kids, but they look awesome to me. Reminds me of the Wii classic controller and that was a lovely little pad! Wired too so maybe less latency?

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DirtyPete368d ago

Love seeing things like this. This will be great for kids. I try to play with my niece and shes just 4. I feel bad because she can't reach all of the buttons. This will be perfect for her; now to make it seem glamorous for being different or else she'll still want to take my controller x) haha

ecchiless368d ago

I know that, my niece also play games with me, since she was 3 now she is 6, but she only plays fighting games and tera, so she is used to kb&m too xD

DirtyPete368d ago

haha yeah? Im just glad she likes to play. She does pretty well considering. I'd be proud with what ever she tried to use x)

Yohshida368d ago

More options are always great

Tazzy368d ago

I should buy this I think the PS4 controllers lose power to fast my controllers don't stay charged long they get low battery quick.

SickSinceSix368d ago

You can change the light bar's brightness in the options, to make them last longer.

Tazzy368d ago

Oh thanks I didn't know that I appreciate the tip.

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