Final Fantasy XIII confirmed for 2008

In a recent interview, Nomura confirmed to the Famitsu gaming magazine that Final Fantasy XIII won't be coming out in 2007, and that the new release date is set for 2008. The most simple explanation is that they still have some other projects to finish before being able to fully focus on Final Fantasy XIII.

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PS360PCROCKS4917d ago

XIII what is that like 13? geez so many and I have never played a one

Raist4917d ago

You should try. They're good. Provided you like jRPG's. Oh, and don't pick VIII or X-2 they suck XD

Anyways, back on topic, that's not really a surprise. Who really thought it'd be released this year ?

Scrumptious4917d ago (Edited 4917d ago )

That's when great titles will come for the PS3!

You'll all see, PS3 will be the greatest system ever and sell 200 million! Just buy it now and wait!

Probably delayed so they can do the 360 version for the same release day.

CyberSentinel4917d ago

Just watch some movies on your RayStation 3 for a year.

Blind Lemmings, Sony Loves You.

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The story is too old to be commented.