7 Directors Who Can Do the God of War Movie Better

Director Brett Ratner, responsible for the underwhelming X-men 3: The Last Stand, is set to direct the God of War movie. GamePro rebuts with their picks for directors more appropriate for the job.

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Nitrowolf24431d ago

he11 ya, get Zack Snyder, 300 was epic!!!

facepalm4431d ago

...Well no s*** Sherlock...

They were actually comparing a guy who was the "second string" director of the third "X-Men" movie to directors of more critically acclaimed and not to mention more "epic" movies??

Give me a break...

NewSchoolGamer4431d ago

if he makes the movie R-rated it can turn out to be "decent".

Otherwise I feel bad for Kratos right now.

Nitrowolf24431d ago

hopefully Kratos will end up killing this guy if it turn out crappy

andron4431d ago

But he made the remake of Red Dragon. And that was a pretty good dark and bloody thriller. Hard to mess up a Hannibal movie though.

All in all he might pull it of, we could have ended up with a much worse director...

morganfell4431d ago

Who is directing Ramayan 3392? That is being turned into a movie and also a game by Sony - another PS3 exclusive.

cloud 2794430d ago

Ramayan 3392 AD, is the same story as the mythology about Ramayan in Hindu mythology. There are some changes made to the story according to the wikipedia link, but is the same thing.

Ramayan 3392 AD is not worth it. Would like to see in a video game, but the story line is very predictable.

VMAN_014431d ago

True we could have ended up with Uwe Boll *shudders*

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The story is too old to be commented.