Gran Turismo Sport Review: An impressively polished racing sim - Dpad Joy

The Gran Turismo series has always left racing fans feeling accomplished, trained and ready to tackle the toughest racing courses known to man. The enormous selection of cars and daunting content featured in the series’ Career mode were both namesakes in the long-running racing franchise. With Gran Turismo Sport, the series does away with both, leaving long-time fans a bit skeptical to the change. However, Polyphony Digital manages to create something the genre desperately needs to stay competitive, and does so with astounding visuals and sounds, ambitious online competition and a campaign mode geared toward making every player a better, more sound racer.

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Darkstryder360364d ago

Looks like I'm early to the fanboy bickering. Guess I will wait with my popcorn

S2Killinit364d ago

New rules: the first two comments must fight to the death 💀

Nodoze364d ago

Based on my early is a 7 out of 10 at best. Do NOT like the save tied to online. Online was already up and down last night.

Sound - still nowhere near the competition. Digital engine sounds abound.
The controls feel .... off. Clearly optimized for a racing wheel, but old iterations were totally playable with controller. I am going to fool with control schemes tonight, but early impressions are far from favorable.

The new digital gauges are GOD AWFUL. Please give me an option to go analog. I want old school traditional speedo and tach. Now I have two round gauges which have red round meters that fill and another bar that goes from left to right??? AWFUL. Give me an option for analog tach. LIKE REAL vehicles have.

Cars constantly spinning out, and older GT5 control spec just does NOT work on the PS4 controller. As mentioned I need to try again.