Visceral Games Shutdown Leaves Industry and Gamers Worried About Star Wars Project

EA Games shuts down long standing studio Visceral Games in surprising move in order to drastically alter upcoming STAR WARS title.

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Forn391d ago

Yet another studio destroyed by EA. Screw 'em.

iStarbuck391d ago

I'll never forgive them for what they did to Westwood Studios.

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FunAndGun391d ago

And Bioware...oops, too soon...............maybe.

Sam Fisher391d ago (Edited 391d ago )


No you right, and bioware lmao, ea is breaking the gaming industry in a way like wallstreet destroyed home owning in the 1980's

ravinash390d ago

So that's EAs plan, buy all studios... close them so all we have is games as a service.

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NickAwesome391d ago

From single player to a games as service model? I hate you EA.

BiggerBoss391d ago

Fuck EA. I'm legit never buying a single game of theirs again.

TheVetOfGaming391d ago

The only game I will be buying from them is UFC 3, pre-owned, and only if it vastly improves over the current game. I don't buy from EA, Activision, Konami... Pretty much any of the companies that are hurting the industry with their terrible practices.

Scatpants391d ago

That's the only way I'll ever buy anything from them is pre-owned. They won't get a cent from me.

Miss_Weeboo391d ago

I hate EA. They're just corporate assholes. I can see why people, the masses, are still buying their games; What I'll never understand is how informed gamers, like the n4g readers are, still defend this crap (And I'm not talking about those petty Trolls). F your Loot Boxes, F your service model, F your business and EA gfu

kevnb391d ago

some of their games are actually great and have none of these type of issues, it just depends on their mood.

andrewsquall391d ago

I have yet to buy one of those this gen. I the only 2 games I had my eyes on were Mirrors Edge Reboot and Mass Effect Andromeda and they turned out to be horrendous. And that was without loot boxes lol.

kevnb391d ago

Titanfall 2 was very well done and fair to the customer, too bad it didnt sell more.

opinionated391d ago

Nobody here would defend the closing of visceral.

BlaqMagiq1391d ago

This is the first gen where I haven't bought or played any game from EA this gen so far. Even last gen EA was far better than this.

Nodoze391d ago

I am now holding off on BF 2. I will not support what they are doing.

PlayableGamez-391d ago

Ultimately your boycott will be ineffective.

FunAndGun391d ago

That thinking is what makes it ineffective.

opinionated391d ago

nah, the purpose of the boycott is what makes it ineffective. If you boycott call of duty they will still sell 10 million copies. Will they think about it? Maybe but your impact is not enough to make up for the millions MT bring in.

PlayableGamez-391d ago

I am not saying that he should buy the game, I am saying that a lot of mainstream gamers have accepted the MT business model and us conservative gamers boycotting this system isn't going to do much. Hard truth. I do respect the effort though.
Hopefully the message will get out there, but I still see SWBF2 being successful

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The story is too old to be commented.