How Valve released five of its greatest games in a single day

The year is 2007. Console owners tap their fingers in barely contained impatience. For years they have been starved of Valve's delicious, full-bodied courses, forced to watch from the bleachers as Valve mixes a unique blend of kinetic first-person with extraordinary tech. Besides a brief dalliance with the original Xbox and the PlayStation 2 - which produce pale imitations of its best work - Valve has remained faithful to the PC.

And then, in a flash, five of them arrive at once; neatly packaged morsels for a new generation reared on Microsoft's & later Sony's consoles. Five games, all in one orange box. Valve serves the PC too, for it is October 18 - a day of celebration - and everyone should feast.

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2pacalypsenow955d ago

Man 2007 was a great year for gaming.

OpenGL954d ago

Valve didn't really "release" 5 of its greatest games in a single day, Half-Life 2 came out 3 years before The Orange Box. In no other context do we talk about a port being the "release" of a game.

954d ago
Fist4achin954d ago

The orange box was an excellent release. I don't think Valve will do much beyond online only games now.

rockwhynot954d ago

Thanks for making the source 2 game engine valve it's legit.