Battlestations Midway Review (IGN)

From the review: "While so many action games are devoid of strategy and so many strategy games are short on action, Battlestations Midway delivers both. So many people have always wanted to take control of individual soldiers in real-time strategy titles like Company of Heroes or Battle for Middle Earth. In Battlestations Midway, you can. While the learning curve is relatively high, the time spent running ships aground and crashing planes into the ocean is worth it when you are dominating the Pacific. The graphics are a bit bland but there is a ton of detail. The score and voice-acting are well done, if repetitive. Still, Battlestations' shortcomings do not detract from a great gameplay experience that both action and strategy fans should enjoy. While the online options are thin, this game offers arguably the single-most enjoyable one-on-one match on Xbox Live as well as a great co-op experience for those that have paid their dues on the training modes. For those tired of the same old thing, check out this unique new title from Eidos -- Battlestations Midway is anything but just another World War II game."

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unleash bass4910d ago

I hated the demo, it was very slow and the controlls were really clunky and unresponsive. I expected the whole thing to have a more arcade feel, with the inclusion of being able to control each vehicle but, it felt very much like a sim. Not my sort of thing.