Halo Community Update - Odds & Ends

Today the Halo Livestream unleashed a torrent of news bits, updates, and insight on a pretty diverse range of topics near and dear to a Halo fan’s heart – including Halo 5’s Overtime content update, important Halo esports info, and news on Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Plus, the release of Xbox One X in just a few weeks will usher in a new way to experience some of your favorite Halo titles making them look and play better than ever before.

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Erik7357364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Get out of this MLG crap and focus on the game being fun.When Blizzard made overwatch they didn't make it for MLG, they made it fun first and it naturally just become the biggest MLG shooter.Start by making Halo actually play distintically again and not having ADS,Sprint,etc. so its just another clone of another fps

I miss the iconic maps and space jumps that made halo

slate91364d ago

Couldn't have said it better. They developed Halo 5 alongside pro gamers...their first mistake. Why can counter strike keep out sprint but halo can't?

Erik7357361d ago (Edited 361d ago )

I appreciate halo 5 in the sense that atleast they understood getting rid of the class system was good and that ever player starts the same.

Also maybe what they did with weapon spawns and having them be seen and countdown on the maps was a good change they should keep idk but I think we can say halo 5 took halo in a better direction than 4 was taking it

I wanna pretend halo 4 multiplayer never exsisted

CloudStrife900364d ago

Improvements and updates to fix long standing issues with MCC three years post launch is not acceptable and not something I think they should be praised for. Enhancements yes, but resolving faults, absolutely not.