Nintendo Releases Infographic to Highlight Dozens of upcoming 3DS and Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch continues to be sold out at major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop and more. The success of Nintendos latest console is undeniable. The fame and success convinced many 3rd party developers to develop games for the hybrid console. Bethesda is bringing Doom and Wolfenstein, EA has released Fifa, and now there are dozen more games to come. Check out the full list of upcoming 3DS and Nintendo Switch games.

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prankster101368d ago

Meh... XBox still gets more games in a single week.

Moonman368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

And hardly any sales.....I wonder why.

prankster101368d ago

Well, it obviously sells enough to garner considerable more third party support.

Yohshida368d ago

Sadly those are all big games on this list and its not even close to beeing a good start. They really need to work on getting 3. party on board even if they have the lesser versions of games.