Tropico's Glorification of Dictatorships and Banana Republics

James McQuillan writes: "First, the mechanics mean that the pressure is on for making money, so the chances were that sooner or later you'd face a rebellion. The second was that, in crushing resistance, we're not doing something that isn't just make-believe; this sort of thing happened and STILL happens in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Columbia and the like."

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TheColbertinator366d ago

Interesting article.

Tropico has been one of my most cherished gaming series for a long time but one thing to keep in mind is that YOU determine the overall government. Its consequences and rewards are for you to endure.

Despite the game pushing you to use socialist Marxist ideologies to maintain power,the game offers choices to enact capitalist,theocratic,military junta and democratic reforms to blend the game you want.

Typically i choose an ultra conservative,Catholic based,fascist(Augusto Pinochet style) military dictatorship in Tropico. Sure its tough at times but having death squads,strong religious support and low taxes carves a lasting friendship with the US to my favor. Pesky environmentalists and striking workers with signs are no match for commandos with assault rifles.

Cy365d ago

It's almost like video games let you explore things in fantasy that are horrible in real life. Kind of like there's some kind of difference between fantasy and reality. Weird.

BenjaMan64365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

The game is just a parody/satire of said governments. In-game you can also play as a benevolent ruler who follows democracy, allows free speech, develops the economy and looks after the people's well-being.

Oh, and the Thailand government, a military junta who had just taken over in 2014, was so triggered at the game they banned Tropico 5.

DrShoe365d ago

Ugh! Piss off newnormative. It's a game, and a good one at it, that allows you to play with the idea of being a dictator. It's not glorifying dictatorships. What a silly and reductionist view of things.

Gh05t365d ago

WTF did I just read... He knows its satire but... but what? It is satire, that is the beginning and the end. Looking for anything deeper than that is projecting. At no point have I ever felt any of the games actually "advocate" the "great" concept of a dictatorship. Everything is tongue in cheek. Seriously what was the point of this article. I read it twice and still dont know what he is trying to say.

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