10 PS4 Exclusive Games Arriving in 2018

2018 will be here soon. Here are some top PS4 exclusives that will be arriving in the new-year.

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Relientk77368d ago

Hellblade already came out, not sure why it's on this list

Also The Last of Us Part 2 is coming in 2019 supposedly

S2Killinit368d ago

True. But still thats some list. Not to mention there is probably more announced at PSX.

The_Jackel368d ago

and maybe/possibly Paris games week at end of this month

Vizigoth04368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Very interested in PSX and Paris Games Week. Hope 2-4 new game announments come out between those two events.

S2Killinit368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

2-4 is easily announced but if you mean 2-4 heavy hitters, thats a tall order i think. Even for Sony.

But im right there with you. I wanna see some new games. Cant wait for it.

Sono421367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Can someone please mention Dreams already?! Am I the only one actually keeping up with this game and seeing the tremendous improvement they have been making?! It has to be ready to release in 2018, it looks so close! Also I would really like to hear more about that game Wild, haven't heard much since it was announced at like psx 2015 if I remember right, I know they're both on the list but everyone seems to overlook them and focus on just the usual suspects.

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Kurisu368d ago

I haven't got around to buying Hellblade yet, so it will probably be a 2018 game for me, at least xD I also still need to get around to purchasing Horizon: Zero Dawn and Uncharted: Lost Legacy before I even start to think about the games of 2018!

ooquis368d ago

Me to....waiting for HDR support.

Xenophon_York367d ago

There's a version of Horizon Zero Dawn that will include both the original and the expansion coming.

shuvam09368d ago

So Yakuza 6 and Dissidia Final Fantasy then???

Godmars290368d ago

Gaming journalism at its best?

At least its all on one page.

Ashunderfire86368d ago

Yea I think Last of Us 2 will come out 2019, because of Days Gone. I think Days Gone will be our Last of Us fix, and it looks like it took inspirations from the Last of Us. I saw Days Gone behind close doors at this years E3, and it look like it was Last Of Us with the combat enemy humans, but monsters are different in this one. We got zombie animals too.

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Razzer368d ago

Doubt we see all those in 2018. But still looks another banner year for PS4.

Sono421367d ago

Tlou2 and Death Stranding are the games I don't think will make it, the rest I'm pretty confident in though.

Atticus_finch368d ago

Spider-man and GOW alone make that list insane. The lous2, death stranding aren't coming out yet but with Yakuza 6, NNK2, Shadow of the collosus, Detroit and others 2018 will be one year to remember.

DarthSocio368d ago

I haven't bought a playstation since PS2 but the sheer quality of the line up is forcing me to buy a PS4 pro

Skankinruby368d ago

You missed out on a lot of good games then

The_Jackel368d ago

not wrong there.... way too many games missed!

S2Killinit368d ago

For what my opinion is worth, you wont be dissapointed.

PSG4MER367d ago

Get one for Christmas, you won't regret.

Xenophon_York367d ago

Had the base PS4 for a few years and just recently upgraded to the Pro. Just having a more solid sixty fps on games like Destiny 2 and Metal Gear Solid would make the upgrade worth it. Throw in the eight million pixels that 4K gives some of the games is icing on the cake.

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