19 Artistic Photos of Horizon Zero Dawn

Photos taken from Horizon Zero Dawn by me. No photoshop used, only game's own effects.

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DarkOcelet391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

Horizon Zero Dawn is one the best games I have ever played in my life and one of the most beautiful as well. Truly deserves all the praise it got. I can't wait for The Frozen Wilds. Guerilla Games are awesome.

UCForce390d ago

GG deserves their hard work. Glad to see them step outside to show their talents aren't wasted.

ninsigma390d ago

Agreed. It's a wonderful game and exceeded all my expectations.

BioDead391d ago

I love how beautiful the game is. You just see some gorgeous view and pause the game and take screenshots.

ninsigma390d ago

Some gorgeous pictures there. The game is beautiful!

Chaosdreams390d ago

I do adore the game (and the photo mode). But from a critique point of view, of those photos shown, I'd say 1-2 are actually good. *shrug*