Warhammer Vermintide II Revealed with First Gameplay Trailer, Features and More

Fatshark finally revealed its Warhammer Vermintide, aptly titled Warhammer Vermintide II, coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC next year.

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solderman365d ago

I still have a copy of Vermintide for PS4 which I played for about 30min and stopped because of the awful 30fps implementation. They promised a PS4 Pro update for higher resolution or 60fps but it didn't happen. I don't think I'll be buying the sequel.

Bobafret364d ago

I tried it and then promptly deleted when I found it was multiplayer only.

Ragthorn363d ago

It's not multiplayer-only though, you can play with AI in your team complete the campaign just fine. I am surprised you did not find out it is a Left 4 Dead clone basically as it's foundation is completely just that with a Warhammer paint. But at least it adds things that Left 4 Dead doesn't have and stands on it's own two feet for being a competent horde slasher/shooter (mostly slasher because of its melee focus).

Bobafret363d ago

Perhaps I jumped the gun then, thanks!

Pablo18474364d ago

I've seen some shit in my day but this takes the biscuit.