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Gran Turismo Sport continues Yamauchi's long standing and unflinching vision for the series. However while promising grand innovation on a scale unseen from the franchise since its debut, it's hard to not feel very familiar with what's on offer, and with it a bit underwhelmed.

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Kribwalker418d ago


A true driving simulator
Racing is better than ever
Each car is painfully unique
GT is finally on the PS4

Doesn’t look great
Not a lot of content
Feels like a missed opportunity”

i agree. it definitely has its pros but the cons are real too

Krangs_Uncle418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Your balanced critique is valued highly, thanks for the concern, pal!

To be honest, the player base of this game is going to dwarf Forza 7's while also having a lot more longevity. Also, the fact that Xbox players purchases for Forza are extremely low, means you should probably be more 'concerned' about that.

This game also doesn't seem to have the luxury of 6 MS shill sites, giving almost top scores within the 1st hr of the review embargo lifting, which happened to make up 6 out of the top 10 reviews for Forza.

MS fans even having the nerve to critique exclusives this year is beyond me - it's been a bloodbath.

Carry on and happy trolling.


Sonic_Vs_Mario418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

"To be honest, the player base of this game is going to dwarf Forza 7's while also having a lot more longevity. The fact that Xbox players purchases for the game is extremely low too, means you should probably be more 'concerned' about that."

Forza Motorsport 7 Multiplayer is cross-play with Windows 10 PC users. I've decided to purchase the digital version for the first time in the Motorsport series since the game was confirmed as a Play Anywhere title. It'll still have a huge player base with Windows 10 PC and Xbox console users.

Krangs_Uncle418d ago

I appreciate the sentiment, it will still dwarf it. That's only my opinion obviously.

Kribwalker418d ago

when the casuals that buy this game expecting it to be gran turismo (i know multiple people that were planning to buy it because of that with no knowledge that this game is very different) you will see the user base drop. the lack of a single player mode for this game will
hurt the playerbase.

Obscure_Observer418d ago


Kribwalker only said the game has its Pros and Cons. Jesus!

freshslicepizza418d ago

"To be honest, the player base of this game is going to dwarf Forza 7's while also having a lot more longevity. Also, the fact that Xbox players purchases for Forza are extremely low, means you should probably be more 'concerned' about that."

When they have issues with the servers (which they all do) then what? And when Sony does stop online support you have nothing. At least with Forza 7 you can keep playing offline with a decent career mode.

GT Sport does some things great while sacrificing others.

RadicalCannibal418d ago

It’s enough to get under your skin though. You got some fine exclusives there. Why you on here and not playing the greatness. Oh the nerve of Xbox fans to deliver a critique. We have opinions as well. Lol, pussy

showtimefolks418d ago


you are right GT is such a huge IP and GT:S will probably outsell every single entry on xbox one of forza gaming series

GT:S will get long time support from PD with a lot of free content and no MT or $50 season pass

xbox fanbase trolling should maybe buy forza and stop hating on GT atleast GT fans will buy the game

just in general xbox fanbase have no right to talk about exclusives how can you discuss exclusive when youe console barely get any

Vasto418d ago

Who cares if more people are playing a worse game? /SMH

I will just leave this right here and I bet Sony cant say the same for GT.

418d ago
Zeref418d ago

uhm Forza 7 has crossplay though. And even then. Who cares?

Forza 7 is the better game. Big deal. Sony still has a lot of other great games. Why can't you stand people enjoying a game that's not on your favorite console?

Condemnedman418d ago

so salty forza is just a better game stop making excuses forza is more of a game it has more content . doesn't mean gt is bad mind you how much better will it look when I'm playing it on the X lol


MegamanXXX418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

One thing we do know is that this game will sell way more copies than Forza and that's all that matters in the gaming industry. NTM no microtransactions either.

showtimefolks418d ago


75 million copies sold of GT games that's how many billions now

Sony won't make a comment about a single billion when series has done multi billion dollar business

And I think the game without MT is better

Game play is king and no one has so far beaten simulation of GT

mkis007417d ago

Vasto...GT is a 70 plus million selling franchise...thats 4 billion dollars.

BLKxSEPTEMBER417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

You are exacly what's wrong with this generation of gamers and this site. You're arrogant and ignorant all at the same time. Now carry on and happy stealth trolling.

steveo123456417d ago

Well you lost me when you resorted to quoting potential sales figures as justification of why gts is better that f7.
How that's a measure of which game is better I don't know

And when it come to shilling, everybody who posts about ps4 exclusives is guilty of shilling. And the fact that 9 out of 10 articles on here are slating the xbox, it quite a hypocritical thing to say mate (and is also shilling)

As someobody who will buy neither game (pc2 on pc is better than both), I am genuinely interested as to which racer is best.

So far based on all the reviews ive read, its neck ad neck between pc2 and forza with gts an also ran

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AspiringProGenji418d ago

“i agree. it definitely has its pros but the cons are real too”

No way!! A game has cons /s

NoPeace_Walker418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

There are only have a handful of reviews so far but this particular review looks to be the most insightful. It gives the game it's strong points as well as it's weaknesses in very detailed manner that are missing in the other reviews so far. I agreed with this particular reviewer.

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2600Thunder418d ago ShowReplies(2)
Nacho_Z418d ago

Big ass con:

If you don't want to play against people online for the majority of your time then this isn't the game for you.

Most driving games recognise the importance of a balance between online and offline gameplay. Despite the foundation of this series being based on offline play that's apparently a thing of the past and apparently we should shut up and accept it. I think if this was a new IP everyone would be saying "no career mode? Not interested"

rainslacker417d ago

While I agree that's a pretty big con, if the game wasn't meant to offer up more than that, then why would a reviewer down rate it for something it's not meant to be.

I understand the need to inform the reader that it won't have a traditional campaign, and the nature of the game, but the impetus of a review is to review what the game is doing itself.

The con you state is for us to decide if we want what it has to offer....which I don't personally, and am disappointed greatly about....but I'm not going to put the game down on what seems essentially be a spin-off type of game kind of like Forza Horizon is to Motorsport. Just different offerings in the same genre. One has to ask themselves if this was a new IP, would it be held to the same standard? If not, then you don't down rate for it.

andibandit417d ago


but you have to hold it up against whats out on the market.
If PD released 2 versions of GT, one with all the bells and whistles and one thats stripped down, you wouldn't expect those two games to get the same score.

NapalmSanctuary417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

You can't judge any game in a vacuum, much less the 7th game of a series. If a particular reviewer feels that what the game actually offers is more than adequate, thats one thing, but to suggest that all reviewers should ignore the lack of offline career mode just because the creators had no intention of offering it is ridiculous, and it would be intellectually dishonest of any reviewer to do so if they felt that leaving it out only hurt the game's quality.

rainslacker417d ago (Edited 417d ago )


How many other mp focused racers are on the market?


I'm not suggesting they ignore it, and indeed should inform of the change, but I don't see a 7 at the end of yt?, I see sport. Indicating it's not part of the main series, and should be rated for what the dev was trying to achieve

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Whatever234417d ago

Doesn't look great ,lol,whatever.

rainslacker417d ago (Edited 417d ago )

Normally I'm not too keen on a game being reviewed for something it's not meant to be.

While I'm disappointed in how they're handling the campaign, they've been pretty upfront that this is going to be mainly an online racer. As such, down rating it because it doesn't have such a thing seems inappropriate. It'd be like saying Halo Wars isn't as good as Halo because it's not a cover shooter. Should Forza Motorsport be downrated because it's not an open world racer like Forza Horizon? No, because they're different ways to approach the same genre. This time, Sony has released an online racer, with some SP content to build on what the online focus is supposed to promote.

As far as the other cons stated, I think it looks great, so not sure what reviewers want there. It looks as good as Forza, better in some places, worse in others.

The content is pretty decent, and I think people don't realize they don't care about 500 of those 700+ car games, and typically end up only driving a few cars by the end anyways.

As far as the missed opportunity, maybe, but I'll refer you to the beginning of my comment.

Anyhow, I don't know if the cons you listed are worth a 7 in the face of solid racing. I wasn't too keen on the 6 ratings for Forza because of the loot boxes either, because it seemed when you downrate so highly because of one aspect it overlooks what's most important in the game. If a racing game nails the racing itself, then it's at least a 7. If it does other things well, it deserves more, with the only down rating being anything which is overly egregious to put the player off somehow.

Kribwalker417d ago

the ign review in progress sheds light on the cars list and issues with it. It says there aren’t 160 car in the game. that a lot are duplicates with different load outs. So in reality, with some car models having between 2-5 different load outs it’s bring the real car total to much les

“The car list is disappointing, really. All up it reaches just over 160 cars, but that number becomes much less impressive under mild scrutiny. Most of the 33 represented manufacturers have a single model included two to five times, pre-prepared for several of GT Sport’s racing classes. Sure, they’re technically different cars – with their own aero parts and performance characteristics – but they certainly don’t do much for variety. Some of them are safety car versions, and some of them are actually just pretend “road-legal” homologated versions of GT Sport’s bespoke race cars.”

rainslacker417d ago

So out of curiosity, the games with 700+ cars,what's the final.number come to when you remove duplicates and multiple load outs?

Foxhound922417d ago

Krib and moldy AGAIN with the "concern."

Is it tiring for you guys to be the first to comment in every Sony article? Can't you appreciate a good game without critiquing it and be happy that millions of people will have a good driving simulator ?

G3ng4r417d ago

So the graphics are bad? Guess I'm waiting for the next real gt. :(

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DaGreatOne418d ago

Omg. This is the only honest review to some of you. That just goes to show you didn't even look at the more positive reviews on here. They list the exact same flaws as the ones pointed out here. Hell they even give forza 7 props in certain areas but hey you have your agendas so of course your skip those and look for low scoring articles.

TKCMuzzer418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

I wouldn't worry about reviews, we all had the opportunity to try it for ourselves, that demo alone will influence more purchases than any review.

I do love the fact that people point out the lack of cars, if you take all the GT games over the years I imagine I have probably only driven 300 cars. We all like the standard models but lets be honest, we all end up driving the same fast ones because they feel the best to drive.

Games do seem to be about more, more, more these days but seriously look at how big games have gotten, I very rarely complete them any more, gaming is mainly a hobby and should not suck up your life (unless you earn from it). Maybe thats why I enjoyed the GTSport demo, i could just pop on and and do a few races when I felt like it to relax. I understand people will want more, but as a genuine question, do you all have time to complete all your games these days?

On another note, games have changed, most games often end up with twice the content then they started with 12 months down the line, so it makes it hard to judge their overall value on day one. If you enjoy a game and play it a fair bit that surely represents good value.

yeahokwhatever417d ago

The last game I've completed was The Order. I've probably purchased 100+ games since then. The Order was the perfect length for me.

AspiringProGenji418d ago

This review is actually a good one but they still want to twist it. Too positive for their taste it seems

Bigpappy418d ago

would you call this a negative review.

DaGreatOne417d ago

Having release date saying TBA 2017 is definitely a negative for me right out the gate. As I said before this review isn't saying anything that others have not. Yet the same people jumping in here to point out the negatives are no where to be seen on the 9s and 8s articles. Anyways to answer your question assuming you were directing it at me, if not I apologize, I don't see this as a negative review just people twisting it.

timotim417d ago

Lol...look at EVERY low score review Forza 7 got and see what the comment counts look like in those due to all the PS fanboys pushing there MT agenda...then look at all the 9 and 10 rated reviews and see how these same fanboys act as if it doesnt count haha. You cant be serious...

DaGreatOne417d ago

That's just as stupid imo. Like what is there to gain out of any of this childish behavior? One can't seriously believe they are going to affect the sales of these games with such troll comments, can they?

rainslacker417d ago

70 isn't really a terrible score, but I'm sure some people will make it out to be so.

Only thing I have about the score is it seems to be down rated because they seem to expect the game to be something it was never claimed to be....the online focused aspect. While I feel that's worth mentioning, if the game is meant to be an online racer, it should be rated as such. GT:S isn't a GT proper. PD and Sony have been upfront about this for a while now. Some are disappointed with the lack of a campaign, but they at least know about it. Difference between this and Sport is that the loot box premise has a direct effect on how the game seems to play in the non-race portions of the game, thus have a negative effect which may be worth down-rating for. Maybe not as much as I've seen some sites put forth, but certainly more of a consideration since it's changing an established formula in a negative way, while keeping what is traditional for the series in a proper release within the franchise.

Bigpappy417d ago

You are correct that the reviews with high s don't get as much attention from the other side. But that happens with all games. People who predict or see negatives will wait on reviews that support their point and then try to re-inforce their point of view.

timotim417d ago

I wish I could say it ain't so, but that's the world we live on now. It's to the point that they call every high rated review fake, or somehow funded by Microsoft haha. It's crazy town now. I have yet to give my full comments on looks like a solid racer that made some interesting choices...its Polyphony's FM5...there first racer of the generation. Like FM5, it lacks content. My main gripe is that unlike FM5, it didn't come as a launch came 4 years late to the generation.

steveo123456417d ago

Seems to be quite a few low scoring articles this morning for gts on here. Pattern forming, no?

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TKCMuzzer418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Do you know what good about GTSport? Sony allowed a 4 day access so gamers could find out for themselves, which is great and pretty much makes all reviews redundant. All games should do this, it took this game from a might buy to a will buy for me.
You can only review a game based of your own opinions and more games doing this could take the reliance off reviews to influence a purchase.
3 hours to go.....

AKR418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

"Do you know what good about GTSport? Sony allowed a 4-day access so gamers could find out for themselves, which is great and pretty much makes all reviews redundant."

"You can only review a game based on your own opinions"

I find it weird that you explained how reviews work while also trying to condemn them. Yes, reviews are OPINIONS; who would have guessed? Reviews are meant to provide general feedback on an item/service. While one person may like something, another might not. Reviews aren't meant to be gospel, i.e.: 'We say it's good/bad so it really is good/bad.' While reviews do affect the sales of the reputation of something, everyone should be willing to try it out for themselves because everyone's opinions differ.

So, no, reviews are not 'redundant'. That's your bias kicking in; you don't want anyone bashing the game. You need to learn to accept that people will not have the exact same mindset as you. I'm pretty sure if this review had a perfect score, your response would have been different.

Condemnedman418d ago

it's at 78 ish on metacritic so the average is good to great but they are reviews so I can ignore that and give it 2 because reviews are redundant.. Oh scrap that let's give it a forza beater badge that will help you through the day

XStation4pio_Pro418d ago

Curious to know ITV they played on base PS4 or PS4 pro. I have it on the Pro and it looks really good. Haven’t seen it on base PS4.

yeahokwhatever417d ago

It looks miles in front of F7 even on ultra with a PC. I have both games. Love F7, GTS is better. The visuals in GTS are superior to any driving game to date. It's probably the lighting and the insane poly counts for the cars. Everything just looks so natural. Yeah, if you look at trees instead of, you know, the road like you're supposed to it's not exactly Horizon Zero Dawn. But you know what? F7's trees don't look amazing either. In F7, when you press the gas pedal, your character's foot doesn't move. There are obvious and ugly animation issues with the crowds as well in F7, and the game crashes all the time. F7 does better at arcade-y driving(easy drifting) and customization(though thats even limited now with the homogenization nonsense.) The only reason I can think of to get F7 over GTS is you fancy yourself a car collector instead of a car racer.