Microtransactions: A New Way to Play or A New Way to Pay

As we near the close of another year of gaming, microtransactions have continued to spread like a contagious disease. A solution is needed, but the question remains, is it too late for change?

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MegamanXXX395d ago

Forza, NBA2K18, and many many more upcoming games

SegaGamer395d ago

There is nothing new about it now, it's been around for while growing more and more. It's something that should have been dealt with long ago but it's been able to creep into all kinds of games.

T1125P395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

"Shadow of War, will we ever be free from the grip of corporate greed"
Why yes, full game with all DLC included on your favorite torrent site :D
If this is the future of gaming I guess my PC hard drive will be full of great games for the low price of $0.00
Just too bad gaming companies do not read comments on this site, no matter, very few companies I will support, I bought Cuphead awesome game done right and no bullshit.

yomfweeee395d ago

Ahh because if a company does something you don't like that is justification for theft!! Brilliant!

Duke19395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Its pretty easy actually - just let these shitty developers waste their time, and then don't pay their microtransaction fees.

XStation4pio_Pro395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

its not new. been around since the iOS app store at least if not longer. if an MT makes you pay to play or pay to win then thats wrong.

If MTs help impatient people or collectors get extra stuff or grind faster, thats on the user, their priorities and their money. People need to take responsibility for their own actions. MTs continue to exist because people keep using them. They are financially successful.

If a drug user becomes addicted to drugs, its because they chose to take the drugs in the first place, not because drugs exist. Of course a dealer is gonna sling them more. plenty of drugs all around us and most people aren't addicts, same with MTs. Not defending MTs, it just makes sense why they are there from a revenue perspective. Any one of us on this site will try to make money by means available to us. Studios are no different. So if you are against them, be an adult and just don't use them. Other people can make their own decisions/mistakes on the matter. #harshReality #millennialsFeelEntitled.

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