Gran Turismo Sport collector’s edition comes with a real car

In the seemingly neverending escalation of exotic special editions, Gran Turismo Sport offered one that came with a real car.

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Eonjay392d ago

Thats DLC ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

masterfox392d ago

A DLC I would never regret :D

Apocalypse Shadow392d ago

"Delicious looking chicks?"

"Delicate luscious cosplayers?"

"Delightful lady charmers?"

That's my kind of DLC.

spdarksky390d ago

Don't forget that this DLC will come together with micro-transactions.. and surely it wont be cheap.. ;D

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nowitzki2004390d ago

They come in real loot boxes.. If you are lucky.

phoenixwing390d ago

Those 2 girls > everything else in the photo

KwietStorm390d ago

Ok. They won. I don't think that collector's edition is getting topped.

nix390d ago

I hate to be that guy but these collectors editions are beginning to get ridiculous.