Famitsu review scores (10/17/17) - Super Mario Odyssey

This week’s Famitsu review scores include Super Mario Odyssey, The Evil Within 2, Cuphead, Forza Motosport 7, and more.

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The 10th Rider392d ago

Great score for Odyssey. For reference Super Mario 64 received a 39/40, Super Mario Galaxy has a 38/40, Super Mario Sunshine has a 38/40, Super Mario 3D World has a 38/40, Super Mario 3D Land has a 38/40, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 has a 37/40 . . . So it's tied with 64 as their top rated 3D Mario game.

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BadElf392d ago

Well....thats worrisome to read Super Mario 3D World got a 38/40. Oooof. Should be noooo where near Mario 64 or Sunshine, in score.

JokerBoy422391d ago

38/40 review for that game shows how reviewers will give any Mario game a near perfect score regardless of whether or not its actually good.

JaggedCarpet391d ago

You really have no idea what you're talking about, do you?

Neonridr391d ago

Mario 3D World was definitely a good game, but I wouldn't put it up with the likes of Mario 64, Sunshine or Galaxy 1/2

To me it felt different since it definitely had a MP focused nature to the game whereas the others were meant to be played alone (I don't count the cheesy co-op added into Galaxy).

Still, glad to see Odyssey get great scores. No surprise though, early previews and hands-on say this might be the best Mario yet.

BadElf390d ago

@JaggedCarpet But...if 3d Mario World can get ANYWHERE near 64, Sunshine...hell even Galaxy 2(Which was pretty iffy for a 3D Mario game as well...too linear). I think its a legit worry to see 3D World get those types of scores...

JokerBoy422388d ago

@JaggedCarpet im talking about Mario 3D World getting the same review score as Sunshine and Mario 64. That proves my point enough i think. Had Mario 3D World been the exact same game but with different characters not Mario related it would have gotten a 30/40 at best.

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MVGeneral391d ago

If they gave sunshine a 38/40 it's unreliable and biased towards Mario titles.

Sirk7x391d ago

It was a product of its time, and also sits at 92 on metacritic. Critics loved the game when it came out.

Neonridr391d ago

Sunshine was fantastic, what was wrong about that game? So much good, definitely underrated.

IamTylerDurden1391d ago (Edited 391d ago )

To be fair, for whatever reason the media is a little biased towards Nintendo. Mario and Zelda games are generally of a high quality but the media seems to consistently rate them astronomically high. Even the Nintendo Switch received jubilant reviews and heaps of praise when it launched. The media basically ignored the paper thin launch lineup, limited hardware, poor network, abhorrent prices, and the laughable chat features. It really was a single repurposed Wii U game that caused the media to blatantly fawn over the system and help propel sales. I honestly didn't even see one journalist point out the fact that every big launch window title was either a repurposed Wii U game or pretty much a port. Nintendo got lucky, but in all reality they either planned poorly, rushed the product in an attempt to end the abysmal life cycle of the Wii U, or BOTH.

It's just odd that journalists wouldn't constructively explore these shortcomings that were so obviously there, but instead they used Zelda as a vehicle to push the system while ignoring any flaws. I grew up on Nintendo, i have a soft spot for them in my gaming heart, but it doesn't blind me from the error of their ways.

All in all, i'd just like to see the media treat everyone and everything fairly and base scores off the merit of the content and nothing else. The gaming media has become a twisted husk of corruption and untruths. Influence, advertising, and shady deals have crept into the crevices of our industry and misshapen the truth. Nothing is free from influence, nothing is clean. Thus, it is more pertinent than ever that you use your own eyes n ears to sniff out the truth as you see it and to form your own opinions.

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Relientk77392d ago

Mario Odyssey raking in those high scores

flabergaster123392d ago

So you retards from nintendoeverything stole the whole article from Gematsu and didn't link to the original souce ( )? Wow, gaming journalism at it's finest.

flabergaster123392d ago

Downvoting me won't hide the fact that your "journalism" sucks balls and that you have no clue what sourcing is.

trooper_391d ago

You didn't have to insult anyone.

InTheZoneAC391d ago

Are you defending stolen material?

trooper_391d ago

I didn't defend anything. There's a more subtle way to do things without insulting.

rocketpanda391d ago

Downvotes are because you sound like a bitter and whiny person. I'm sure Nintendoeverything read your comment and felt upset about it.

And having the need to post a comment about your downvotes is laughable.

zivtheawesome392d ago

39/40 mario is a flop confirmed /S
great job on this game!

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