Gran Turismo Sport Is A Strange Game Tuned For A Very Particular Type Of Racing Fan

Gamespot: Our Gran Turismo Sport review will be live in the coming days, but early impressions have us questioning the game's priorities.

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Ashlen392d ago

It's tuned for people who want the most realistic driving physics available on a console and who want as close to a real racing experience by discouraging things like unrealistic crashing by grouping players together by skill as well as safe driving.

What it's not is an arcade game.

mandingo392d ago

I’d say pcars is more realistic honestly

Chuuzuu392d ago

I agree. From someone who has played and loved all of the Forza and Gran Turismo games, Project Cars has become the racer that I enjoy the most these days.

frostypants392d ago

Jury is still out on which has the most realistic physics I think, but I'd be shocked if GT Sport doesn't take it.

C-H-E-F392d ago

question for the two of you
@mandingo and @chuuzuu

have yall actually played GT? because on PC1 and PC2 i am constantly fighting my wheel to keep my car on track... every car is stiff, it they have arcade elements, throughout... GT, each car feels different, the wheel feels different per car, tweaking your suspension slightly changes the car handling dramatically. GT is light years above PC2 stop trying to troll about something you have yet to play.

yeahokwhatever392d ago

PC is amateurish garbage. Being shitty doesn't make something more realistic.

nix392d ago

At least in GT Sport AI is not trying to kill you. 😂

nX391d ago

Project CARS while kind of realistic, as an overall package is mediocre at best and GT is not for a "Very Particular Type Of Racing Fan" but the go to game if you actually love cars instead of spectacle. I'm still using techniques in GT:S that I learned back in GT3 and GT4 because it's so consistent in it's approach to simulate driving.

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WePlayDirty392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

I tried playing online yesterday. Right at the beginning of the race, I braked and went into a turn like a good racer. I get knocked into another car.. guess what happens? I lose SR. I don’t think that’s fair at all, but that’s just me. On top of that, there needs to be more servers open for races. Say I just race a Gr. 3 style race.. I need to wait 30+ minutes before the next race... That’s way too long imo

nX391d ago

For games like GT it's actually best to find people serious about racing and enjoy the fair competition in private lobbies.

XStation4pio_Pro392d ago

Pcars2 is more realistic. I have all 3 (F7, GTS and PCars2) and PCars2 is the most realistic both in simulation and race structure.

frostypants392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

I personally *only* play racing games online these days. I still love single player games, but I have zero interest in racing against bots. This is right up my alley, even if risks turning away some GT car-collecting diehards. Implementing the system for rewarding clean driving is awesome and not something console racers have had before.

And sure we had Driveclub but the driving model in that never appealed to me.

yeahokwhatever392d ago

You even have to watch training videos before they will let you participate in GT Sport online. Its wonderful!

frostypants392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

I know right? Won't someone think of the griefers?! LOL

This is could've just been called GT Academy: The Game. I love how seriously it takes fair competition.

Cyro391d ago

Yeah the online system GT has is pretty nice. Unless it's an organized race, public lobbies in racing games are always a mix of trolls, bad drivers, and good drivers. Online is my favourite part of sim racing so this game is definitely for me.

InTheZoneAC392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

This game is promoting the most competitive way to race, by racing against similarly skilled racers and then you move up as you get better, and then obviously races will become cleaner as you climb.

I spent a couple hours completing the beginner tests on gold and then making sure to beat my friends times. It feels perfect with a t300 wheel, using my portable playseat challenge

Ashlen392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

They discussed that the game actually tracks how much you have contact with other cars. You can be a not fast racer but if you race clean it will put you in races with other people at your speed who also race clean.

bluefox755392d ago

The game is clearly going a different direction than other games, this has been known for a long time. It doesn't make sense to criticize the game for not being something different than it's trying to be. Judge it on it's own merits.

TankCrossing392d ago

"What it isn't" can be important. Every game game is brilliant if the criteria you judge it by is "being what it is". They all do that perfectly.

Nodoze392d ago (Edited 392d ago )

Long time Turismo fan here dating all the way back to the PS2 era. I bought a PS2 for GT3 A-Spec. Put many many many hours into GT throughout the various iterations and sorry to say..I am done with it. It is clear that Polyphony is adrift and leaderless in the brave new world. Kaz is too busy racing instead of leading his team to create truly compelling software. It is as if he has truly stopped caring. 4 Years into this generation and this is what we get? A stripped down, online only, sliver of what GT once used to be. I won't get into the issues I have with this, but sorry to say that I shut this game and the PS4 off last night in utter frustration. Yes I think it is that bad. A 7 at the absolute highest, and even that is pushing it.

When are we going to stop judging Polyphony by their past success, and truly focus on what they have been delivering of late? Once you stop looking back, you really start to see just how little they have developed. Core experience is one thing, but they have made next to no progress at all on damage modeling, audio (minor improvements), customization, and for those of us that just don't plan to buy a racing wheel...controls. Something is truly off with controller controls in this game. As a long time veteran, it is just not good.

This will be my last GT, and I am even considering selling it. Yes that is how much I dislike it.

InTheZoneAC392d ago

Take a knee or sell it, your choice

C-H-E-F392d ago

That's nice, my wife is playing GT for the first time ever... seeing that she is now a new fan you not being one anymore is null and void a perfect swap.

yeahokwhatever392d ago

I literally got out of my chair and jumped for joy when I got first in my first online race. No other game has given me this sense of excitement or accomplishment for online. The race was intense AND the drivers executed sportsmanship on the track. I blame GTS's new direction for this. I'm also a HUGE GT fan. I couldn't be more happy about this new direction for the series.

Nodoze392d ago

You are reinforcing my point. The game is shadow of former offerings, and is designed to entice casual players.

Skip it.


How dare you dislike a Sony exclusive /s

nX391d ago

There's a not so fine difference between disliking something and stating completely false opinions as facts, just ask Trump.

Realms391d ago


How is it designed to entice new players? If anything it will alienate a huge demographic I tried the demo and I definitely saw the potential even as a non racing sim fan. Many people's gripes come from the lack of content and offline capabilities but they have already said it would be supported long after it is released.

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