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Although Gran Turismo Sport stays true to the franchise’s tagline, “The Real Racing Simulator”, its lack of an offline championship racing mode is a bit of a let-down. Nonetheless, with its first foray onto PS4, it is still a standout title with driving realism in its focal point, along with a glimpse of what Polyphony Digital will have planned in the future.

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stonecold3365d ago

happy got mine paid ready to pick up tomorrow

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Dark_Knightmare2365d ago

Dude there's a difference between one game whose whole theme is based on online and a console that needed to be online 24/7 to play or do anything but you knew that already didn't you? You just wanted to troll so bad and since the game is getting stellar reviews you had to find something to nitpick or your life wouldn't have been complete which is really freaking sad

Zeref365d ago

I love this, I love how PS fanboys railed on the OG Xbox policies yet they accept a 24/7 Online RACING GAME! Why does it need to be 24/7 Online? it makes zero sense for a racing game.

IamTylerDurden1365d ago

And you better have good Internet considering you are an xbone fan. You're gonna need that good Internet for Crackdown.

Zeref365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

First of all. Crackdown 3 has an offline single player mode, have you been living under a rock? Of course the Multiplayer requires internet. Just like any other game. The amount of agrees you got just shows how ignorant some of you fanboys are.

Second of all. Even if it was only online. My 24/7 connection would be used to render UNLIMITED destruction, that is completely worth it if you ask me.
What is a 24/7 connection used for in GT Sport a racing game? Nothing special it seems.

AspiringProGenji365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

@itsmebryan is the type of sensitive xbox fanboys I hate for always being so ignorant and bringing the past to cry. Forza 5 had a alright list of cars for being a new gen forza 5 game. You are also forgetting while there were trolls trying to make a big deal about it, there also the forza fans concerned about it too, so go cry to them too. The always online of the xbox is nothing like this one so please go away! we don't need sensitive xbox fanboys ruining every GT review

Zeref365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Why does it need to be 24/7 online though?

You can't reject Xbox original policies and turn around and say this is fine. You can say it's not the same but the same arguments against the original policies can be applied to GT Sport.

"But but... what about my cabin? i can't play GT Sport in my cabin?"
"What if i'm on vacation"
"What about the military? They can't play GT Sport now?"

But honest question. WHY does it need to be 24/7 online? It makes no sense for a racing game.

AspiringProGenji365d ago

The questionable choices is one thing, which I agree I have no idea why they would lock progression behind online

But how is this comparable to the 24 hrs check-in, pre owned fee, and the inability play used games of the Xbox in 2013? I’m pretry sure the problem with that always online was all that DRM BS i mentioned. Both consoles need online to be functional anyways (updates) so the problem was the DRM, not being online

fenome365d ago

Your Internet should be fine considering you can waste it on comments here.

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asmith2306365d ago

I'm not a fan of racing games at all but I really enjoyed doing the driving school (think that's what they were called) challenges in the GT Sport demo. Will definitely be picking this up.

Zeref365d ago

Can someone tell me why this needs to have a 24/7 connection? A racing game?

Also while you're at it. Tell me why these Sony fanboys have no problems with this but laughed at the original Xbox One policies. When the same argument they used against that could be applied here.

Cyro365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Basically they're trying to push GT Sport as a competitive esport. The game uses cloud saves so it's as fair as possible.

N4G doesn't account for everyone and you pretty much answered your own question. Fanboys will be fanboys no matter what. GT Sport is a single game that requires internet for the most part but Xbox One is a console that was going to need an internet connection 24/7. It's no surprise there was a bigger uproar for the XBONE over a single game.

Zeref364d ago

I still don't get the need for it. It can be an eSport with an offline mode too.

"It's no surprise there was a bigger uproar for the XBONE over a single game. "
Sure but to me it seems like there is no uproar at all. Nobody is talking about it. To be honest I only found out about this today.