Gran Turismo Sport review: 'The racer that expects you to be as classy as it is' : Games Radar

Gran Turismo Sport is a bona fide virtual motorsport and that’s awesome. But single-player modes are lacking and it’s demonstrably outshone by Forza Motorsport 7 in virtually every area.

Justin Towell

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Septic369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

"But single-player modes are lacking and it’s demonstrably outshone by Forza Motorsport 7 in virtually every area. "

Oh wow damn.

Well this is just one review and i havent always agreed with this guy so lets see what the others say.

SniperControl369d ago

What? Even all those loot boxes and MT's, wow.

Septic369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

There's also content and gameplay

Kribwalker369d ago

that’s becuse MTs are an optional buy. here there is no option for more content right now

bolimekurac369d ago

forza has no loot crates you can by with real money so until that happens just cut it out

nX369d ago

The sentence with Forza is proof enough that this review is written by an immature fanboy.

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UCForce369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Well, I was expected. But read this from EuroGamer review :

Edit : @Kribwalker Eurogamer : " Gran Turismo Sport loses the breadth that's defined the series, but introduces something just as valuable in its place".

Kribwalker369d ago

they recommend it but again content is light
“Judged by numbers alone - and as a reflection of the automotive industry, one that's driven by a pursuit of bigger digits whether they're measured in mph or mpg, Gran Turismo Sport surely begs to be - this falls miserably flat. Judged even by past entries in the series, let alone the broader driving genre, it comes up short. The 162 cars on offer at launch are a mere fraction of the 1200 featured in Gran Turismo 6, its 40 tracks well under half of what was available last time out. There are other painful edits elsewhere: dynamic day/night transitions are out and, bar one rain-slicked car park, there's not much by way of variable weather conditions to be found at launch.”

Bennibop369d ago

Look who the first to comment what a surprise. Shouldn't you be off playing Forza somewhere?

Relientk77369d ago

if he's off playing Forza he can't be on here trolling Gran Turismo reviews.

You can't have your cake and eat it too

Liqu1d369d ago

Doubt he owns Forza 7, it's not on his achievement list.

Chexs1990369d ago

I won't downplay Forza's qualities, because they are pretty damn good, but holy hell, that reviewer is aggressive with the comparison :P

However, didn't PD say at one point, that Sport wasn't actually intended as the next singleplayer GT? Think I read something like that, that Sport is supposed to be an online primary thing :)

rainslacker368d ago (Edited 368d ago )

Kind of curious why Forza would be compared to GT for the purpose of a review. Given they're both exclusive titles, it seems spurious beyond a cursory mention for comparisons sake, as the PS gamer is unlikely to care how good Forza is, and the Xbox gamer is likely to not care how good GT is. At least in the real world. The console wars say differently, but for the purpose of a review, all this kind of comparison really does is pit fan boys against one another, and may have some credibility for the multi-console owner, who tend to know more about these games aready and wouldn't care about a review.

I can see why they'd compare it to prior GT's, but not why they aren't taking GT:S for what it's trying to do, instead of rating it based on the concept that it's some traditional GT release. That makes no sense since PD was pretty clear that it wasn't going to be GT7. I never saw comparisons of Halo Wars to Halo itself, or downratings because it wasn't a cover shooter. So why is a online focused racing game being downvoted because it doesn't have a single player campaign.

Sure, it's fine to inform that it doesn't offer up the traditional aspects of prior GT's, or even the prologues, but to rate it based on that is just wrong IMO.

Chexs1990367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

I pretty much agree dude. It didn't need to go into console-war territory, but there's drama in it. And drama sells more than decent behavior :P
I'm not against the comparison of the two per se, seeing as both are racing Sims, but it shouldn't have to cross that self-righteous flamebait border. If anything, compare the two on a referential basis that could help people on the fence, and put it in an article by itself.
This is a review of GT:S, review the game, not the competition :D

itsmebryan369d ago

Why did you get so many down votes for a quote? Why are people so defensive? GTS still got a decent score.

AspiringProGenji369d ago

That is okay! GT Sport is taking a different and more innovative route. F7 isn't doing anything new to push the series forward like GT is doing. If they had to sacrifice the SP career more for this, they were right to do so and it is paying off just great

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Krangs_Uncle369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

I don't see how hard it would have been to implement a proper single player career to be honest, but what do I know... It's going to get battered in reviews because of this.

On the other hand it's gone for something entirely different - reviewing it at this point is also pure ignorance and is just jumping the gun to be 1st - as it's progression with regards to being online can only be witnessed from now on, because the servers haven't been on for 3 days.

boing1369d ago

You're telling the truth. You really don't see how hard it would have been.

Father__Merrin369d ago

Why no mention of the actual racing and driving compared to the others?

aksmashh369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

It does in the first paragraph???

Always online
No career mode
Low track and car numbers
Average track graphics

I don’t understand why everyone defends this game so hard

nix369d ago

because from the beginning, it was known that it's going to be an FIA approved game that means there will be lots of races happening with OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. it also says right there - SPORT.

have you seen people going around asking for first person view in Halo Wars? this entire quibbling is stupid to begin with.

itsmebryan369d ago

Because they must defend. They slam Forza 7 and they wanted to say GTS would be game of the year. But GTS has less cars and content than Forza 5 ( which they slammed for lack of cars and content 4 years at launch.). They have to cover to make themselves feel better. I thought GT 5 and 6 both were disappointing and made me wary of the series.

So, get ready for the explanation on why the things they slammed Forza 5 for us OK now. It's called hypocrite. Sit back and watch the show.

rainslacker368d ago

So the biggest aspect of a racing game...the actual racing, is delegated to a single paragraph at the very beginning, and doesn't actually seem to cover how good the racing is in the game play department?

Seems legit.

Personally, makes it seem like the things important to the reviewer aren't how well the racing is done, but other things which don't directly affect the actual driving experience.

Also, with the career mode, seems they are reviewing the game for something it isn't, as GT:S is an online racer with a different kind of "career mode", in which case, the reviewer didn't inform themselves about what the game was trying to do, or worse, ignored it to review a game improperly. That's not what reviewers are for. Reviews shouldn't be a soapbox for the reviewer to gripe about what they wanted, but rather to inform on how well the developers delivered what they were trying to delivered. At best, the lack of traditional career mode should be said to inform the uninformed reader that they won't have a traditional GT experience with this game.

ONESHOTV2369d ago

for a simcade that's not a bad score

UCForce369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

It's not a simcade anymore. It's the real sim.

ONESHOTV2369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

in what world is GT a realsim ? have you play Iracing asseto-corsa-- rfactor-- raceroom racing experience-- or even project cars 2 these are real sims

UCForce369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

I won't judge you about those game. But GT Sports have reach the sim. Calling it's a simcade isn't the case anymore.

XSpike369d ago

ONESHOTV2, I didn't know Iracing, Assetto Corsa & rfactor had simulated G-Forces, man I always wanted video games to simulate racing but none could.. Little did I know Iracing, Assetto & rFactor must have it as its a real simulation.

tontontam0369d ago

He probably do not even know what G-force is.

ONESHOTV2369d ago

wow a console gamer that only plays arcade racers is talking to me about physics and Gforce lol the day is going good so far so plz don't ruin it with the nonsense you are spewing

tontontam0369d ago

wow a console gamer that only plays arcade racers is talking to me about physics and Gforce lol the day is going good so far so plz don't ruin it with the nonsense you are spewing...

you don't have to play pc racing games to talk about physics and gforce.
you only need to know newton's law of motion. zzzzzz

go play your "real racing simulator "GAMES" " come back here when you have become a real racer so you can boast about your pc "GAMES".

tontontam0369d ago

"in what world is GT a realsim ? have you play Iracing asseto-corsa-- rfactor-- raceroom racing experience-- or even project cars 2 these are real sims"

WTF each of those you mentioned are techincally "games", designed to "ENTERTAIN" people available to the masses.

There are "REAL SIMS" out there ,I think someone should compare these games to that. and those "REAL SIMS" probably has no damage physics and probably the graphics sucks.

guyman369d ago

Trying so hard, adorable.

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