Gran Turismo Sport Review: The Best Sim Racing Game of This Generation? [Gadgets 360]

Gadgets 360 says: "The game delivers stunning visuals, an excellent racing experience, and makes an effort to teach new players how to race. There’s not much more you can ask from a simulation racing game. If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner who’s been waiting for a great racing game, look no further than Gran Turismo Sport."

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DeadSilence393d ago

There's no much competition, Forza used to be a force back at 4, then went downhill, GT was missing the good old days from Ps2 but it's back!

darthv72393d ago

In a way, GTS feels more like the spiritual successor to Tourist Trophy and less like a GT game from the good old days.

rainslacker393d ago

I actually think GT6 was awesome. Best driving in the series. It lacked some features that Forza had, and to Forza's credit, it really came really far really fast, but the Xbox fan base seems to act like GT has been on this huge downhill slide since the PS2 days which I just haven't seen.

I think GT has always improved over the previous itteration. While they didn't update the models from prior iterrations to keep that high car count, the cars themselves always drove great. They added weather...for what it's worth. They added tracks, circuits, more license tests, and even a piss-poor damage model because people wouldn't shut up about it. It kept some things like being able to ram into other cars to slow down for turns and move up the ranks, but that's just the nature of the game to appeal to both casual and serious drivers alike.

GT:S is taking a different route with how they're approaching it, and that's fine. It doesn't appeal to me much, but it sounds like they did an exemplary job on the actual racing. The "lack of content" in the cars doesn't seem to be that much of an issue given that most people only play a few cars by the end anyways....typically the kind that are being offered here anyways. Racing 40 different kinds of Civics or Mazda Miata's gets old in the early game.

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XiNatsuDragnel393d ago

Of course this is the best because simply no MTs 😉

AsunaYuukiTheFlash393d ago

The real driving simulator is back baby!

ONESHOTV2393d ago

what other sims have you been playing??

Dark_Knightmare2393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Dude you've been in almost every gt sport thread on here get a damn life bro. Trolling is about as low as you can get on the internet

ONESHOTV2393d ago

Dark_Knightmare2--- i'm not trolling I have been playing the GT series since the GT PS1 days and i do enjoy the series even though GT 6 was a total waste of my 60$ but come on man are you going to tell me that GT is a realsim ?

Dark_Knightmare2393d ago

When it comes to console racers yes it's realism with only a select few titles competing with it. Eurogamer in their review even said that if it wasn't for asseto corsa coming to consoles that this would be the finest racing simulation on consoles

nix393d ago


go earn some loot boxes for your favourite racing sim. lol.

ONESHOTV2393d ago

nix---- I don't support any game that has loot boxes in them that's why I didn't buy Forza 7 or middle earth even though I own the games that game before them

yeahokwhatever393d ago

All of them. GT nails it superbly.

2600Thunder393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

I troll loot gambling games. Damn them all.

GTS though? A top teir racing game with no monetization scheming and packed to the rim with high quality racing and content; it's a full game on Day 1. Feel the same about PC2 also.

Lets Spartan Kick these IP themed pachinko gambling platforms out of the AAA neighborhood!

rainslacker393d ago

On consoles....there isn't a lot of choice. Forza isn't even really a sim, it's more arcadey in both Horizon and Motorsport. While the racing is still fun in Forza, I wouldn't really call it an accurate simulation. GT has always been better. I always have a laugh at the people who say Forza has better physics and somehow drives better than GT, because it's unequivocally false. But I guess since most people don't drive fast, or super cars, they really wouldn't know this. I've done it a few times, and those cars aren't as floaty as we see in Forza. In fact, a super car at high speeds grips the ground pretty well.

Can't speak of PC, or any other racer out there, but the better known franchises that I do know NFS, are not actual sims either. Those that are actually more sim oriented offer much less content than GT is now offering, because they're smaller franchises which simply can't afford all that licensing.

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bolimekurac393d ago

no its not, the game is lacking and its graphically inferior to forza

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Dark_Knightmare2393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

Lol good one you're another name people constantly see in Sony articles trolling give it up bro

RommyReigns393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

And that's the beta lmfao! Forza got Whoreza'd

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bluefox755393d ago

@Xmessiah Lol, don't be mad. At least Forza is better at loot boxes. You have that going for ya.

AspiringProGenji393d ago

In the description it says PS4 pro VS PC at Max settings tho

bluefox755393d ago

@Xmessiah Not to mention you're wrong. It's comparing the Pro version to the PC version of Forza, at max settings, says right in the video. Nice try though.

DarXyde393d ago (Edited 393d ago )

To be fair, that's Pro vs. Xbox One.

Huge differences in favor of Sport, but that's to be expected.

EDIT: Nevermind, didn't realize that's actually against PC Max settings.

Then this is very surprising. Sport looks very notably better. (I opted not to erase my original comment because it gives my edit some context).

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Ben Dover393d ago

I'm pretty sure the solid HDR implementation of GT Sport alone makes it graphically superior over Forza 7, despite supposedly running on weaker hardware. The video above pretty much makes it a simple fact.

ILostMyMind393d ago

Dude, F7 doesn't even look better than Driveclub ... a game of almost four years. Get a life.

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