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Forza 7 is a fantastic driving title that can’t stop tripping over itself, and its majestic driving experience is overshadowed by a lack of new ideas and suspicious economic decisions.

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YodaCracker1335d ago

Yet still higher rated than any Gran Turismo game to release since the PS2. Wow!

LP-Eleven1335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

Says a lot about your allegiances when this is what you have to revert to. Why not just judge the game on its own merits (or, in this case, faults)? This isn't about Gran Turismo, it's about Forza 7.

4U2NV1335d ago

And yet has never sold more than any gran turismo game released since - ever? Lol. Nice troll attempt tho.

Pancit_Canton1334d ago

Gran Turismo 3 & 4 rank better and sold better than any Forza out there combined. lol

Sgt_Slaughter1335d ago

This is what I was saying before. It's not an evolution of the series, it's a step down. That is disappointing for a series that used to be a top-seller, not having less and less sales each year a new game comes out.

DarXyde1335d ago

As I see it, it's exceptionally difficult to make a racing game and not have drawn concerns so many entries in. We really do see a lot of Forza --in some capacity, annually. Forza hurts itself with its business practices (which the industry seems to unanimously disapprove of) and franchise fatigue. It doesn't sound like it's a bad game though. It sounds like it plays pretty well.

I think it's going through the same things that people say about every big racing franchise: it's more of the same with questionable additions (or omissions). People are surprised by Gran Turismo Sport lacking dynamic weather or realistic damage or even the limited roster. Likewise, Forza omits Toyota (which, in my opinion, is a pretty big miss) and the AI seems pretty bad. I think Sport has a chance to be a knockout but we'll see.

In the end, these games have their loyal following. Can't please everyone. Hopefully they learn from the feedback. It goes to show that, because the flaws are associated with in-game mechanics and content, native 4K at 60fps is not going to solve all problems.

Sgt_Slaughter1335d ago

Removing features or limiting previous ones in future games isn't something I'm okay with. A sequel should evolve, make me want to stay with the newest entry and not go back. Or this game's case as well, the microtransactions/loot crates.

They should stop the bi-annual releases and focus on the core of the game more than the visual efforts. Sport as well, if that turns out to be all show and no go, I'm going to be disappointed severally.

DarXyde1335d ago

I do agree that the limitations now implemented are a step backwards.

And I definitely agree that they shouldn't be pumping these games out so often. People criticize Gran Turismo for taking so long, but those games generally come with a staggering amount of content. Sport is an exception and it's had a much shorter release window following GT6.

Definitely though, mate. Jury is still out on Sport. General reception so far seems good, but the content factor seems to be a continuous issue.

If I'm being entirely honest, I expect the aggregate score to be between 7.8 and 8.5 (I'm specifically expecting 8.3) on a 10-point scale.

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showtimefolks1335d ago

hopefully turn 10 are allowed to work on something new even if it's another racing game but new IP

forza series this year is being used to show the power of xbox x i think it's better now to rest forza IP for 3-5 years. FH3 is as close to a perfect racing game from what i have heard as possible so no need for more anytime soon

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