CD Projekt Red Defend Against Negative Rumors

After negative reviews, many have begun to question whether or not the studio behind The Witcher franchise treats its employees well. Today the studio has released their response to criticisms.

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EatCrow463d ago

To summarize.
Many said reviews are fake and they are moving along in the production of Cyberpunk.

UCForce463d ago (Edited 463d ago )

I'm not saying CD Project Red is wrong, but not every companies are perfect. Those reviews could be real or fake, but at the same time companies and employees aren't always happy because it come down to individual point of view. Some ex-employees made thing up and others do have legit complaints, but for me what I do know. It's just confusing to me.

UCForce462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

Whoever is disagree with me about this. Well, that's fine really.

yeahright2462d ago

CDPR has given me more than enough reason to lean toward their side until proof is shown. Not saying they're 100% right as fact, but innocent until proven guilty, especially for a company that has built up so much good will with me.

2600Thunder462d ago (Edited 462d ago )

I love CDPR, but if they are mistreating employees, then I will not support them. They will just be another EA in my eyes. We need proof though.

I will say that I've worked in tech "sweat shops" before in my early grad days where you had better drink the Company Culture Kool-Aid without the slightest utterance of constructive criticism. The near slave labor environments are real and challenging them means you cant feed your family. The best talent just stays quiet and leaves when something better comes.

These employees' descriptions of abuse are exactly like what I and others I know went through. It all lead us to other work or to start our own gigs, but doesn't matter. Breaking labor laws is unacceptable in any industry.

YongYea has a good video on this: