Game News: 'Street Fighter V' Announces New Fighter Zeku

Zeku will be available separately or with the Season 2 pass alongside previously released characters Akuma, Kolin, Ed, Abigail, and Menat on October 24.

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463d ago
MADGameR463d ago

After that fuckup, I will NEVER buy another Street Fighter game from Capcom EVER again. Day 1 $60? NOT worth it!

CrimsonWing69463d ago

For a second there I swear I saw Strider.

Fanboys_suck461d ago (Edited 461d ago )

The first two comments above embody the cancer that exists in the gaming community. When a game came out in it's bare bone form to the customers (with the aim of targeting the professional ones) the casual audience bash at it (which is understandable). But, when the developers have actually made the game significantly better over the past year (which these commenters are completely oblivious to), the cancer in the gaming community still won't accept the progress/improvement because either a game must be PERFECT in the their arbitrary eyes, or it's just garbage. Games are made by humans, Humans have flaws. Stop bitching when a game comes out with flaws. And, DEFININTLY SHUT THE F**K UP when devs are actually trying to fix the game rather than what EA is doing with Mass Effect Andromeda.

@trumpwontstopcrying @MadGameR

Both of you are the cancerous drones in the gaming community. You sound as blind and retarded (pardon my French) as extreme Trump supports or extreme Feminists. Go back to your man caves, and continue to be insignificant to the world and the rest of your loved ones. No one gives a f**k if you are alive or not. Just live for the next 20 or so years and slit your wrists. Use your brains more, you damned sheep-minded Neanderthals.

Comicschris77460d ago

I agree with some of your points man, but Got dam! That was harsh!