10 Survival Horror Video Games You Must Play Before Halloween

Although survival horror tailed off in the latter half of the 2000s, the genre has fortunately enjoyed something of a revival in recent years. Thanks to indie darlings like Amnesia and Outlast proving that there's still a healthy market for horror, the industry big-wigs who constantly said that there was no chance of the genre finding success once again were forced to eat their own words at the beginning of the decade.

Indeed, the classic staples of survival horror have remained timeless, but modern iterations have succeeded by keeping things unpredictable, taking these tried-and-tested elements and applying their own contemporary spin.

The fear that comes from cautiously walking down a poorly-lit hallway with only three bullets to your name or gripping a half-broken pipe as the world morphs around you is entirely unique to these games, and conjures up a particular brand of horror that can't be found in any other medium.

A lot has changed since the original Resident Evil hit shelves back in the 1990s, and the industry has seen some excellent horror titles over the past few years that give the classics a run for their money.

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TheRealTedCruz1285d ago

Actually a great list.
Only ones I don't necessarily agree with are Until Dawn (more of a horror parody than actual horror), and Bioshock (which feels more deranged than simply "horrific").

Skankinruby1285d ago

I have a passion for horror movies so until dawn was amazing for me with the feeling of reenacting it with the controller and all the cliche stuff only made it better imo. Agree with bioshock though, more Sci fi than horror. I also feel the same all out alien isolation although many severely disagree.

Fist4achin1284d ago

I think UD and bioshock have a place on the list, but their placement was a little higher rated than i would have placed them. I thought Fear should have been added or maybe replaced bioshock altogether. Also there are some underlooked titles like echo night, siren, rule of rose, etc... that deserve honorable mention.

mudofegaw1284d ago

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