Best Konami video games of all time

Recognised as one of the biggest video game manufacturers not just in Japan, but worldwide, it’s no wonder that Konami are still running high. Founded in 1969, the firm initially began as a repair and rental business in Osaka for Jukeboxes and arcade cabinets, but by the 1970’s they were designing video games. While Konami is one of the most prominent AAA Japanese developers, its influence in gambling is just as prominent. Arcade games and slot machines worldwide still hold the Konami label, and with an online presence in addition, there’s no denying that Konami is still as popular as it has ever been – just perhaps more quietly. To celebrate Konami’s fruitful past, however, we’re looking back at some of the best and most influential games that Konami has ever released.

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Soulst0rmer2440d ago (Edited 2440d ago )

Thankfully the Netflix show and the awesome PC game CASTLEVANIA LACARDE CHRONICLES 2 came out this year. When Konami decided to become scumbags, fans stepped in.

2440d ago
3-4-52440d ago

Basically one games fanbase doesn't like them. They want everybody else who plays games to hate Konami at the same level they do.

The problem is this......most video gamers are Not Kojima fanboys and don't even worry or think about this stuff.

Konami still makes PES and it's a solid franchise and they still hold the rights to some of my favorite past games like Suikoden, Sunset Riders & Mysitcal Ninja

KwietStorm_BLM2440d ago

You have really been out of the loop

GamesMaster19822440d ago

Don't care about all the Konami crap if they continue 3 of my fave series still Metal Gear, Castlevania and Silent Hill, Ill continue to buy.

2440d ago
Shuckylad2440d ago

Simpson’s arcade. Still love it to this day.

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Just GTFO piece of shit company.


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darthv721d 11h ago

the Toaplan cart is a nice surprise. Batsugun, Truxton 2... great stuff. I keep hoping to see Robocop on a Data East arcade cart but licensing is a bitch. I'll just play it on my xbox via coinops.

Garethvk1d 11h ago

There are so many fun games from Data East. I am sure rights would be a mess but it would be nice to see more.