Shadow of War highlights the strengths and weaknesses of PS4 Pro

The 'supercharged' console bests PS4 and Xbox One, but the shadow of Xbox One X looms large.

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freshslicepizza1982d ago

"Shadow of War is a strong effort from Monolith with good performance, marred only by some low quality texture assets that look particularly poor blown up on a 4K screen. In turn, this means that PS4 Pro's 4K output may not have legs ahead of Xbox One X's launch. Despite its dynamic resolution concept working well, keeping image quality at around 1620p, the fact is PS4 Pro's in-game textures desperately needed an upgrade to suit its res boost. It leaves Xbox One X with a chance to take real advantage once it arrives, especially bearing in mind it has the extra RAM to support higher quality 4K textures - and we can confirm that quality and resolution modes remain in the X code, along with the ability to run the game at native 4K or with dynamic resolution scaling in play."

Will be interesting when they do another analysis next month and include the XB1X and how all 4 compare to one another.

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spreadlove1982d ago

The Xbox One X doesn't just have the extra RAM amount, but also the extra bandwidth that allows it to run 4k textures.

Also the low resolution texture seen in the video and described below sounds gnarly on the PS4 Pro. I guess there is nothing they can do about it.

"However, move too close to a watch-towers, and you'll start spotting blurry textures that don't appear to belong to this generation. Normally, we wouldn't nitpick what could be a one-off streaming glitch, but this happens frequently and it does stand out on a 4K screen. In fact, these low-res assets are used on PS4, Xbox One and PS4 Pro without exception - and some even make it into pre-rendered cut-scenes."

Gazondaily1982d ago

Sony really need to get support for the Pro version more on point.

Bigpappy1982d ago

Nothing they can do except may be release another console asap. The only way they do that, is if people who weren't suppose to buy an X start buying it in large numbers. But that wouldn't happen because "gamers only want Exclusive and would pay more than $399.99 for a console".

But yeah. There are not close enough in power for developers to make them look equal. Well unless said developer actually puts considerable effort into screwing up the X version. Even with doing nothing, the X version will still run better.

Nyxus1982d ago

They won't release a new console asap, that would be stupid. They have no reason to do that. The PS4 is currently the best selling system. Sony will release the PS5 when they are ready, which likely isn't before 2020.

Sunny_D1982d ago

Wait, what reason do you think Sony need to release a new console ASAP? Mind explaining your spin for me?🙂

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PeaSFor1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Sony clearly wont release a new console until the ps5 since unlike MS, they arent in reaction mode, theyre leading the market and obviously will keep doing it this gen, lets be clear here, the xbox one x(what a dumb name btw) target audience is the minority of die hard xbox fans and nothing else, nobody will leave everything behind just for a small edge in the graphic department at this point in this gen, thinking otherwise would be pretty foolish.

if graphical edge would be THAT important to them, then 100% of the previous xbox 360 users would have never got the xbone to beggin with since the ps4 had the "edge" over it, then the og ps4 STILL had an edge over the xbone s, and now everything would change suddently for the xbone x? really? REALLY?

nope. (btw, this is my opinion, if you are triggered by it, then go take a walk or something)

madjedi1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

" It is that it cannot properly handle 4K that would make it match or exceed X1X."

Yeah not really sorry to burst your bubble but your xbox one x isn't going to be all that impressive with 4k either, it is just too damn demanding. Your trying to brag about how you make 5-10 dollars more on your paycheck than your buddy does and pretending like it is such a big thing.

I have a 970 gtx, it gets low-mid 30 fps @4k with several of the options turned down, I really don't think a xbox one x is going to outperform a $300 card even if it is a previous gen. So the dick measuring with 4k for consoles is out and out laughable, if a lot of gaming pc struggle with 4k games.

I dropped it to 1440p with fairly high settings and get 57-60 fps and little to no pop ins, maybe in 4 or 5 years 4k will be a lot more practical atm it is a niche category.

The built in benchmark program was very useful.

spreadlove1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Sony can't release another console as soon as possible because of cost and the lack of technology available. MS did a marvelous job with the Xbox One X while Sony in a bid to cut cost bungled the PS4 Pro.

Very impressed with the Xbox One X though!

freshslicepizza1982d ago

"Sony clearly wont release a new console until the ps5 since unlike MS, they arent in reaction mode"

Sony already released a new console, it's called the PS4 Pro. What was that a reaction to?

PeaSFor1981d ago (Edited 1981d ago )


You never got the memo?The ps4 pro was released LAST YEAR(yep, thats right), so dude, are you willingly ignoring the whole context or maybe i foolishly expected people to be more perspicacious?(or maybe the fact that english isnt my second or even third language and it could make my points less clear than it should?)

I dont want to sound like an asshole, but seriously, implying that Sony would react to the xbox one x is simply fcking silly, they will keep leading the market no matter what, AND BTW, the ps4 pro was pretty much done to accomodate VR and peoples who wanted a premium ps4, nothing else.

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Xerneas1982d ago

Those 4 teraflops can only do so much.

Ju1982d ago

And it's quite impressive what they squeeze out of the pro, indeed.

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PeaSFor1981d ago

@skull, you miswritten "Xbox sales".

Kribwalker1980d ago

but FP16 was making it 8.4 teraflops, the God Mark Cerney says so. didn’t you see that extra power in Knack 2? I’d say it’s just lazy devs

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Silly gameAr1982d ago

Sony really don't have to do anything. They'll be just fine, and still sell more software than the competition.

Gazondaily1982d ago

Yeah that's true which is probably why they aren't really trying all that hard with the Pro. Still, not exactly great for consumers in that regard but at least they've got the fundamental issue sorted and that's exclusives.

Ju1982d ago

Skeptic. It's laughable how you stealthtroll every pro news. "not great for consumers"? Why, because I get some quite great results for $100 less? How is this bad for "consumers"?

rainslacker1982d ago


How hard should companies actually try on an untested mid-gen paradigm that has no historical data to suggest the outcome of if it was needed or wanted. It was a risk to do the mid-gens, and part of that risk was that the added mid-gen support may not be that compelling.

MS is in the same boat, as they may not get that much support either. In fact, I've been saying since the beginning, before these things even released, that the chance we see big meaningful support across the board would be seen.

The Pro gets support, and so will the X1X, but how much, and how ubiquitous seems to still be up in the air, and the commercial success of both products has yet to be judged. If they don't do much, even if they do fairly well, may mean no more mid-gens.

Both companies are taking a risk with this new paradigm. MS went bigger. That's about all there is to it. MS put more on the line, because they had to find a way to make up some ground. As far as media attention goes, they achieved something, but commercially, and from a dev support perspective, there is nothing to say that MS is trying any harder than Sony right now.

The pro is fine for consumers that want to spend an extra $100. The same way the X is fine for consumers that want to spend an extra $200+ dollars.

I don't think MS is really trying that hard beyond their marketing campaign. If they are, the results of them trying still remain to be seen.

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Christopher1982d ago

It won't get it as long as Sony isn't pushing for it hard for their gamers. Microsoft is making it a selling long, Sony isn't saying anything at all.

Ju1982d ago

Of course not. Obviously you've never seen it and probably never will. You have also absolutely no clue what you are talking about

rainslacker1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

Sony is pushing it on the development level. They aren't going on and on about how they are doing those things in the media, but it's certainly there in their developer resources. They market the system to developers, and there are constant updates on things that can be done in a regularly published developer journal on their dev forums. Their constant API updates always include some sort of new PS4P tool for developers to use, and most of the time, it's easy enough to implement changes within existing code.

Sony isn't mandating the level of support, and they really shouldn't. About all they mandate is that the pro be supported. However, that support just means the game has to run on the Pro, not that improvements have to be made.

But when you look at what the two companies are doing on the dev level, it's basically the same. MS has their dev journals promoting the system. MS only mandates that it run on the X1X, but doesn't mandate that improvements have to be made. MS publishes updates to their API's and SDK's to make improvements easier on the dev

Same exact thing.

MS just makes a lot of noise in the mainstream consumer press. That's the only difference.

Which is why I think that the X1X isn't likely to get any more support than the PS4P does right now, which makes me question it's worth to the consumer at large, because I really don't find much reason to upgrade to the PS4P after having owned one. It's nice to have the improvements where they exist, but I'm sure the generation could have gone on just fine without the mid-gens in the picture

Obscure_Observer1980d ago


"Sony isn't mandating the level of support, and they really shouldn't. About all they mandate is that the pro be supported. However, that support just means the game has to run on the Pro, not that improvements have to be made."

That´s a lame attempt at damage control and straight up lie! So, according to you (of course) no game has to run any better on Pro? What a joke? Did you read the Neo´s leak documments? You have NO idea what you´re talking about here.

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cbuc11251982d ago

If CD Project Red could get 2160cb with HBAO and higher quality texture filtering for the Witcher 3 on Pro, these guys could have done better than 1620p for this game. All developers are not talented and this game will not define the Pro.

freshslicepizza1982d ago

Different developer, different game style and so on. Why can't Polyphony get GT Sport in native 4K if other racers can?

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Nyxus1982d ago

@ moldy and Bigpappy: They just focused on different aspects, such as HDR. DF actually praised GT Sport's graphics, so I don't see what the problem is:

freshslicepizza1982d ago

"@ moldy and Bigpappy: They just focused on different aspects, such as HDR. DF actually praised GT Sport's graphics, so I don't see what the problem is:

They praised other games too like Forza 7 for its performance, the point is Shadow of War is not the same game as The Witcher 3 just like how GT Sport is not the same as Forza 7. The PS4 Pro version is a lot better than the PS4 and Xbox One so to suggest these guys are not talented because they couldn't achieve a native 4K could be due to the hardware, same thing with Horizon which is made by Sony's own development team. So if they can't achieve 4K but CD Project Red can then it's clear not all games are equal.

Bigpappy1982d ago

Okay Nexus, this is from your link:

"The majority of our gameplay took place on PlayStation 4 Pro using its high resolution mode - which remains a checkerboarded 1800p presentation with a native 4K user interface. The results aren't as crisp as other PS4 Pro titles or indeed Forza Motorsport 7 on Xbox One X, but it's still a gorgeous looking game in motion and the Pro showcases GT Sport and HDR at its best."

Nyxus1982d ago

@ Bigpappy: what's your point? They say it's a gorgeous game, so what is the problem exactly?

freshslicepizza1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

"so what is the problem exactly?"

Who says I have a problem with how they support this game on the available platforms? I'm not the one who came in here being all defensive about it not being able to reach better results and then quickly suggest this game will not define the PS4 Pro.

Let's be honest here, with the Xbox One X arriving soon we will have many comments that will be defensive about the reults in head to head comparisons or change the discussion into something else like focusing on exclusives instead.

Nyxus1982d ago

@ moldy: Defensive? You asked a question, I tried to answer it.

TheUndertaker851982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

@Nyxus: Yet Forza 7 on Xbox One X is set to deliver HDR AND 4K

So factually Polyphony chose one or the other, opting for HDR. Because of the differences.

Nyxus1982d ago

@ TheUndertaker: sure, that's a given since the Xbox One X is more powerful than the Pro, so of course it can deliver things that the Pro can't. The point is that GT Sport is still a great looking game, according to DF at least. They focused on things like highly detailed cars, a very stable 60FPS experience and HDR which adds another level of realism.

GTgamer1982d ago

Lmao xbox fans killllll this gen is over guys you been fighting since the start it's time to move on OK Sony won by a Landslide go play your Xone in peace and stop trying to convince Sony fans their console isn't good because we bought our console sales can prove that now run along.

Aenea1982d ago

What other racer on the PS4 Pro is native 4k?

Liqu1d1982d ago

What racers like GT Sport run at native 4K on the Pro? Talking out your arse again?

madjedi1982d ago

Can you show me a ms studio that gets native 4k and a platform that will run it at actually 4k without massive concessions made to get a decent fps rate.

TheUndertaker851982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

" sure, that's a given since the Xbox One X is more powerful than the Pro, so of course it can deliver things that the Pro can't."

That I would believe is Moldys point. Polyphony couldn't deliver what CD Project Red did on PS4 Pro. Does that qualify Polyphony as not talented?

Yet Turn10 is effectively delivering both 4K & HDR on Xbox One X due to extra resources available to do so, not having to target one or the other.

Monolith is doing effectively the same. Delivering 4K & HDR on a product that offers more to do so. Stating they can make it work on PS4 Pro because they are Xbox One X simply doesn't work.

PS4 Pro isn't equivalent to Xbox One X. The titles compared aren't coded the same and simply don't function the same. There are many differences all around.

thisismyaccount1981d ago

.. because other racers that try to scam money out of you, employ "cheap tricks" like 30Hz refresh reflections, worse visuals than a FM5 (we all have seen that comparison shots between FM5 + 6 + 7 Brands Hatch). The lighting system in FM7 is still a joke, the weather effects while cool are not worth the "upgrade" from FM6 .. so at the end you got a title that feels like FM6 with "darker shaders" with some weather effects and only on 1x track so far dynamic lighting which we haven´t seen yet in action.

In so many aspects GT5 in 2010 with only 256mb vram had more going for than FM7 "7" years later with 16x the vram budget. There must be a reason why it selling worse than FM6 and FM5 ...

Kribwalker1980d ago

Hold on a second here. i’m pretty certain there was countless people saying MS used forza to show off the onex because it was a racing game and it’s be easy for a racing game to hit 4k/60fps. now i find out GTsport is 1800cb? what is going on here?

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zivtheawesome1982d ago

i think 1620p is the quivalent of 2160cb in terms of power needed

Ju1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

It's not even 1620p. It scales from lowest 1500p to a max of 1800p. In both quality and performance. 1620 is the average they counted, but it might as well be quite better a scenes with better draw distance. I'd say, they'd rather did a good job with this game. And BTW. You xboxer will eat crow when it'll turn out the game will scale 1600 to 4k averaging at 1800p.. Because that's exactly what's gonna happen. And for the $100 more you'll get better textures and of course prettier shadows.

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Lexreborn21982d ago

Weakness? Do we tell people now how buying a cheaper graphics card on PC is a weakness too now?

What is the point of using words like this and creating these paradoxes? Best console version on available but it’s weak to the console that’s not here yet?

Can we just get highlights of things that’s are here? When the systems released at the same time it made sense to compare. Not when you are comparing a version not here because the console isn’t here either.

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