Valve: "Zero chance" of Left 4 Dead PS3 this year

Valve marketing boss Doug Lombardi has extinguished hopes of seeing a PlayStation 3 version of Left 4 Dead out before the year's end, stating there is "zero chance" of seeing a port this year.

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HighDefinition4434d ago

PS3 has WAY to many games this year.

Even if it WAS done already, they aren`t stupid enough to release it around R2,LBP,KZ2.

DavidMacDougall4434d ago

Killzone2 > L4D

I don't even want it to come to the ps3

chaosatom4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

So their strategy: If it sells well, then port it

But they FORGOT the fact: Porting the game means no sales especially for valve.

And the most important fact of ALL: Ps3 owners will have lots of games to play by the time left 4 dead gets ported.

jwatt4434d ago

Well if they do they better make sure it's a good port.

JokesOnYou4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Past Headline: "Left 4 Dead coming to PS3, ported by EA"

HighDefinition - 66 days 9 hours ago

Ignore1.8 - EA
Like mostly everyone else is beginning to LOVE the PS3 so, I wouldn`t worry about this port.

BTW, this game looks amazing, and had me reconsidering getting another 360, but I don`t wanta pay for XBL again.

So I REALLY hope it comes to the PS3.

Now Fast Foward>>>>>> Todays Headline Reads>>>>>
"Valve: "Zero chance" of Left 4 Dead PS3 this year"

HighDefinition - 3 hours ago

Ignore1.1 - NEXT year it is.......
PS3 has WAY to many games this year.

Even if it WAS done already, they aren`t stupid enough to release it around R2,LBP,KZ2.

Wow, I guess suddenly it doesn't look "amazing" anymore, ha ha I own both consoles but you would think a normal ps3 owner would like to see as many games released on the ps3 as possible, sure exclusives are what diffirentiate the consoles and sure games like LBP have been talked about alot and will be available just like Uncharted recieved alot of praise by ps3 owners yet COD4 which launched in the same time frame(a week apart I think) has easily outsold it on the ps3 alone. (yep, a great multiplat game, who would 'a guessed) Remember outside of n4g there are ps3 owners who actually like multiplatform games and amazingly they might want to play L4D the same date its released on PC/360....nah, it can't be, lmfao.


HighDefinition4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

What are you trying to imply?

Cause I have ALWAYS liked the idea of this game.

I don`t deny that......

I`m happy it`s coming to PS3 especially in 2009 so I actually WILL play it, and I don`t have to pay to play it on PSN!!

So......your point is?

BTW, the ONLY games that make me miss my 360 are......

2.Viva Pinata
3.Left for Dead

Area_514434d ago

Zero chance I'll be buying ANY Valve game.....EVER

Cenobia4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

Yeah, I don't see what you're trying to say. HD never contradicted himself, so that whole rant you just typed out was basically pointless.

I'm glad L4D is coming to the PS3, I just hope its a decent port. The game looks great, and I really enjoy co-op experiences so I'll probably get it as long as its playable. I try to hate Valve, but I fudgin love Half Life so much. The PC is usually the best choice, but I'd go for L4D on the PS3.

And HD is right. If they had released it in 2008 the timing would have been bad. There are a lot of exclusive games coming for the PS3 in these last few months. The sales would definitley be better during a dryer period in 2009.

Anyway, has it even been 100% confirmed that this game is coming for the PS3? I'm so confused. They keep changing their minds.

JokesOnYou4434d ago (Edited 4434d ago )

but if you can't see the point I'm making then its only because you have blinders on....when the news is positive about the game coming over to the ps3, his comment sounds excited about the game, but as soon as the news leaves the games release on the ps3 in doubt, his comment basicly discredit the game by implying it won't do well with "too many" sony exclusives coming to the ps3...come on its so transparent....and a predictable pattern seen on n4g,(look around predictably all the known sony loyalists don't care about L4D, ha ha) and again it just goes against what we see in reality because COD4 proved any multiplat that turns out to be a great game will hold its own on any console no matter what exclusives are available.


uie4rhig4433d ago

interesting :) might wait for the ps3 version then.. if its a crappy port, will buy PC.. otherwise ps3 :)

HighDefinition4433d ago


If you don`t see what I`m saying YOU have blinders on, I want the game (L4D) but, I wouldn`t buy it over LBP, KZ2 or R2.

Can you wrap your little brain around that?

SL1M DADDY4433d ago

I see in one post, HD says he like the idea of the game and it interests him then in another post he claims it would silly of them to ship a port of the game this year when there are already tons of other games coming in a similar genre. Looks to me like you are tossing out flame bait. Sorry, but no takers here.

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Angelitos4434d ago

Poor Xbots

Poor Xbots, of course we don't want this flop. Poor Xbots, this game is 6-8 hrs long, no cutscenes, and outdated graphics. Poor Xbots, if it even came to the PS3, the graphics will be uncompressed and we will have the superior version.

Poor Xbots

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4434d ago

Er couldn't care less Valve!!! The Videos i have seen of it look SH*T!!! The Zombie Level in 'TimeSplitters:Future Perfect' on PS2 Looks better than that CR*P!!!

Fat Princess[Gabe Newell] ONLY on PS3 ;-D

Pain4434d ago

i dont buy Valve games anyways.

SeanScythe4434d ago

Thank goodness I have way to many games to get this year anyway.

jams_shop4434d ago

I was worried about they may decide to release the game this year. Anyway between now and rest of the year a lot wallets are going to very sad. There is just way to many good games coming.

Fishy Fingers4434d ago

“There’s zero chance of it happening this year,”

This year? That's a funny way to finish the sentence when talking about an exclusive isn't it. Basically means a port will come in 09 surely? Dependent of success of course. Releasing so close to Gears doesn't seem like the best move.

Should do well through Steam.

JustinSaneV24434d ago

VALVe never ran around saying it was an exclusive; they just didn't want anything to do with the PS3.

Lelouch V Brit4434d ago

^^^ "VALVe never ran around saying it was an exclusive; they just didn't want anything to do with the PS3."

100% agree

P.S: To the People who don't own a xbox 360 stop Whining Get the PC Version.

juuken4434d ago

...So what?

I'm too happy about exclusive games right now.