This is how good PS3 games were meant to look

Fans of classic gaming emulation know that modern emulators can do a lot to sharpen up the standard-definition sprites and polygons made for consoles designed to be played on low-resolution tube TVs. This weekend, though, an update to the RPCS3 emulator showed how much resolution scaling can improve the look of even early HD games.

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ocelot07373d ago

Wish Sony/From Software would hurry and remaster Demon's Souls.

pyroxxx373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

This !!! Been trying emulator on PC (runs like shit),.. because I don't have PS3 anymore (been actually looking for second hand PS3) just for this game

naruga373d ago Show
Deep-throat373d ago

Maybe your CPU isn't good enough

pyroxxx373d ago

well obviously it is not good enough,.. only [email protected],6,.. runs it ok but stutters way to much for me to enjoy DS2

MrSwankSinatra372d ago

@naruga Ummm I don't think so, last time I checked Sony didn't even believe in Demon's Souls, they thought it was gonna flop. The community was the one that clamored to that game. Sony was too busy making puttin out BS like Haze.

mikeslemonade372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Haha what Naruga said is right. Because of the early success of the 360, it held back the PS3 hardware. The PS3 games well victim to poor ports.

Smokingunz372d ago

They aren't hard to find, stroll don to your local gamestoo

nitus10372d ago

I had a nostalgia play of Demons Souls a few weeks ago and I was surprised that the servers were still up. Still, the game is great fun to play especially after you 'git gud' 😉. Of course, if you do die you have only yourself to blame so you have to 'git bttr' 😎.


I have a PS4 and DS2 scholar of the first sin plays at 1080p 60 fps and that is a joy to play.

BTW. You can avoid the monster in the "Forest of the giants" until you feel confident and yes I do know magic will kill it but it still is a great unnecessary time waster especially if your stats are low and you only have a dagger.

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Silly gameAr373d ago

Yes. This just makes me want a remastered Demons souls. I was playing on PS3 this weekend and plenty of people actually still pay the game.

Alexander1Nevermind373d ago

Only one I haven't beat yet. I would love to play it again.

Drakul372d ago

NOOOOO Sony! Keep it exclusive, for the gamers who played that master piece back in days with blood and tears!
Make Bloodborne II btw.

ocelot07372d ago

Noting they can do about it. Sure the PC users who do manage to play this with the new textures. They miss-out on online co-op invasions which is one of the main features for the souls games. As well as probably one of the best/unique bosses in the Souls series.

The Old Monk - On PS3 if connected to PSN. There is a good chance the boss is in fact a real player. Summoned into the world by the old monk as well as a health boost. They can use any weapon/spell/armour they want. If you are not connected to the servers (PC players won't). Then all they get is a standard NPC with some claws. Meaning they experience a crap boss fight in fact probably one of the worst bosses in the souls series.

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AnubisG373d ago

Oh really? PS3 games were meant to be in 4K?

Stupid title. You should have said; This is how good PS3 games look in 4K using an emulator.

PS3 games were never meant to look like that.

KTF26373d ago

Not all of them
The textures of Demon's Souls clearly better than what they look on the PS3

AnubisG373d ago

I never said they don't look better. They do, however the claim that they "meant" to look like that is outlandish.

SinkingSage373d ago

Nah, those are what the actual assets look like without being crippled by a low resolution. It is how they looked in the developers' studio.

KTF26373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Textures of Ni no Kuni looks flat on 4K
it's obvious it was intended to look like what it is on the original system

But in Demon's Souls the improvement is clearly not just more polygons
the textures looks much better
clearly it suppose to look better, not for 4K but better

shauzy372d ago

if you pay attention you'd see that almost everything is in 3D and there are no 2D backgrounds, so the only thing holding them back was the resolution, these games look great when the internal resolution got upped by the emulator proving that if the ps3 had enough VRAM back in the day the games would look better than they were

freshslicepizza372d ago

"PS3 games were never meant to look like that."

That's just the limitations of the hardware at the time. We have developers now like Polyphony Digital making 8K assets of their car models to be used next genetaion. In other words these things done for free on the PC could easily be resold on the PS4.

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TomatoDragon373d ago

I’m good having put a 1000 hours into Demons Souls 8 years ago when it came out. Having to wait almost a decade play it through emulation isn’t something I’m down for.

CrimsonPheonix373d ago

The difference is bigger than ps4 to ps4 pro!

TomatoDragon373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Not bigger than waiting 8 years. :). My experience with the game has happened already, and it was excellent enough to put 1000 hours into. I’m good.

ProjectVulcan373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

The point isn't waiting to play the game. The point is revisiting it down the line and having amazing visual treats like this.

Many said that this wasn't possible, that emulating PS3 wouldn't happen. Well look at how fantastic it is going to be as it gets more and more developed and smoother. In a few years I'll be able to play all my PS3 favourites in 4K and it'll ensure they have a long life span

TomatoDragon372d ago

Waiting is kinda the point, actually. Better visuals isn’t going to capture the allure and the community reaction of when the game was first released.
After 8 years, and quite a few follow up titles, including those from other studios other than FromSoftware, this type of game has now been cemented.
For those that didn’t have a ps3 in 2009, whether it because of forces beyond their control, or because they purposely didn’t get one...they truly missed out.

I would never purposely deprive myself from an experience like that, just to wait on better visuals, or some ideological gaming stance.

zuul9018372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

@tomato i doubt many if any "purposely deprive" themselves...
So you dont use backwards compatability at all i take it?
You ever revisit a game? Skyrim? Divinity original sin? Dark souls?

The purpose is to revisit past memories improved... not "itll look better eventually on pc so ill wait 8 years"
I dont see why you dont understand that?
When a new game comes out how long do i have to play it before it no longer has the "allure and community reaction"? I ask for my knowledge just so when i think about purchasing a game i can know if its past its half life and ive already missed out, that way i can pass on them........

Arent they remaking all the disney movies? Beauty and the beast mulan etc?
I know i would never tell someone to skip a game just cause of some ideological gaming stance

MajorLazer372d ago

My favourite PS3 game of all time and that's saying something. Absolute masterpiece and Dark Souls is just as exquisite.

Einhander1971373d ago

I expect the emulator runs shit compared to PS3, nothing truly beats the real hardware.

Yi-Long373d ago

Depends on your PC hardware, obviously, but there are countless games which didn't look and run flawlessly on their original system but are now amazing when played through an emulator.

Deep-throat373d ago

Except the game doesn't run great on the PS3... and this emulator isn't highly developed like other old emulators yet.

ProjectVulcan373d ago (Edited 373d ago )

Every second that passes PC hardware gets better and emulation gets better so that eventually, emulation on PC easily beats original hardware.

This is evidence right here. Give it another couple of years and people will be emulating most PS3 games in glorious 4K smoothly and it'll be another reason why PC is an amazing platform. Dreamcast, Gamecube and PS2 emulation is fantastic. It's the ultimate gaming platform.

nitus10372d ago

Of course, PC hardware gets better and better especially f you have a desktop where you can change pretty much everything. It is a different story for laptops where you may be lucky to change the memory and the storage although with more expensive laptops (eg. Alienware) you can change the motherboard, CPU and GPU, however, you are going to pay for that feature.

Actually, it is getting to the stage where it is almost impossible to upgrade or even repair some laptops.

Fun fact. If you have an Intel CPU with an LGA 1151 socket (Skylake & Kaby Lake) and want to upgrade to the next generation which is Cofee Lake then even though it still uses the LGA 1151 socket you will have to replace your motherboard. so this will be a much more expensive upgrade.

TardcoreGamer373d ago

pretty sure its now able to run Demon's at 60fps now. As i remember performance was quite bad at times on PS3 with drops from the locked 30 into the twenties and even teens. Emulators are never truly perfect that being said.

TedCruzsTaint372d ago

Guess I'm just imagining running titles from the subHD, 30fps years on my PC at 1080p/4k at 30/60/144 FPS then.

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