Middle-earth: Shadow of War's Xbox One X Enhancements Detailed

Warner Bros. and Monolith have revealed the enhancements coming to the Xbox One X version of Middle-earth: Shadow of War, including native 4K resolution with dynamic scaling, an increased level of detail, higher polygon counts, improved textures and all of the other usual performance-boosting bobbins you'd expect.

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spreadlove2244d ago

Love it! Xbox One X is spreading the love. You just have to jump in.

Berenwulf2243d ago

What love? What are you talking about? People on this site love their brands... It's incredible how loyal some people are to a company that only wants your money.

spreadlove2243d ago

You can love a product, but still recognize it's flaws. This superiority by labeling others fanboy is just really shameful. As shameful as fanboys.

Berenwulf2243d ago

Yes you can love a product but the product doesn't love you. So XOX isn't spreading love. Simple... And obviously you are a fanboy if you think that a console spreads love.


I would hope so with extra/faster RAM! All games should have better Textures, Draw Distance, Shadows, and overall LOD than it's PS4 Pro Counterpart. *Off Topic* After starting a new game on The Witcher 3 on Pro and seeing how much sharper it looks than my X1 version, I really hope CDPR implements a good patch for better textures and draw distance, I dont even care if its 4k lol

mark_parch2243d ago

why did you get witcher 3 on ps4 and xbox?

Ju2243d ago

Where does it say it improved all that over the Pro?

andrewsquall2243d ago

Err PS4 standard looked better than the Xbone running The Witcher 3 since on Xbone that 2007 1080p TV isn't even getting the proper use it deserves with that version. Obviously the Pro version is going to look better.

2600Thunder2244d ago

These MS partner games demoed at their xbonex e3 show are the vehicles for their GaaS master plan to monetize that they've had since Day 1 at the start of this gen - including no singleplayer offline play slowly creeping in (evidenced by their last xbox live outage where no one could play Forbesa 7 and other games).

GaaS is the real reason MS wanted to push digital only so badly: total control over your now rented games library.

timotim2243d ago

You understand GTS is an always online game right?

DiRtY2243d ago

Did Microsoft steal your lunch boxes in school or something?

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BLow2243d ago

Thanks for actually reading the article. It seems someone who responded to you has selective reading skills. Obviously, this person omitted some words that didn't suit their fanboy narrative.

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Stop Forcing Multiplayer Into Single Player Games

TIM WHITE WRITES: "Multiplayer or single player? Developers, you can do both, just not willy-nilly."

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Flawlessmic240d ago

I am in absolute agreement with the OP 👌

shinoff2183240d ago

I hate when I see single player games and see people begging for multi-player. Jeez guys it don't need to be on every game. Latest one I seen was atomic heart.

Dude Dutch239d ago

Same here!!