Loot boxes are ruining gaming and only you can stop them

GameCentral warns of the dangers of loot boxes, and how unless gamers take a stand against them gaming itself will never be the same.

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zerocarnage459d ago

I learnt a while back not to buy into it anymore, wished I'd of done it in first place. Pubs and Devs however should be ashamed of themselves for such an aggressive approach to making money and the console developers ie Sony , ms and Nintendo should take a stance against it and stick by the gamer who keeps there consoles selling.

In fact saying that I think all 3 of the major console devs have show a lack of respect towards there fellow gamers and fans and if they said no to developers they can actually change things back to just purchasing games and season passes.

zerocarnage459d ago (Edited 459d ago )

(Inspired by smartphone free-to-play titles, the concept of loot boxes in traditional video games dates back to at least 2010)

I don't know where that came from but it's wrong apart from free to play titles, they certainly were not born on smartphones or inspired there that all started on free2plays on pc way before 2010. I would however say smartphones certainly raised the roof and trend making it virtually impossible to progress on a phone games at certain points in those games without paying into it. Yes smartphones raised the bar on lootboxes and micros and the fact game progress was and still is held hostage.

Gaming is sickening me at moment, I'm finding it less and less fun this gen and most of it is down to the greed.

When a gamer feels ripped off, forced into paying through the roof they don't enjoy gaming nearly as much..

opinionated459d ago

I can’t wait for the death of the lootbox articles. I like how every media outlet has an expert business opinion now. All the sudden after years of dealing with the practice lol. The death of gaming omg!!! Only YOU can prevent forest fires!

This is exactly why people think the media is full of shit. Colluded agendas full of people who don’t know what they are talking about. I’d guess the vast majority of people who read gaming news don’t buy loot boxes. Casuals Buy loot boxes, stop preaching to the choir.

morganfell459d ago

Some of these people are not old enough to remember similar articles when DLC became a prominent thing.

morganfell459d ago

No difference between the Loot Crates in SoW and REQ packs in HALO 5.