First look at new officially licensed compact controllers and mini gamepad for PS4

The three new additions will work with all PS4 models including PS4 Pro, and are expected to launch across the region from November – giving players more options than ever before.

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shaun mcwayne368d ago

Still no elite controller thumbs down

Patricko367d ago

He meant Elite made by Sony.

drunkenspy007367d ago

@patricko gotcha... but these aren't made by sony either

AnubisG368d ago

I'm still waiting for a pro controller from Sony. Don't care for these 3rd party ones.

shaun mcwayne368d ago

I dont understand why Sony dont do it, they must know the people are more than willing to buy them.

AnubisG368d ago

I don't get it either. I like the DS4 but there is plenty of room for improvement.

Patricko367d ago

The new Scuf Impact looks and feels pretty good and it's also much more durable than last model.

DarXyde362d ago

I might get one of these for fighting games. Wired and the d-pad has a basic format that looks like it could be good for precision. The original controller has great directional precision, but this might work a bit better for me. Hard to say, haven't tried it.

Otherwise, I'll stick with Ol' Blue (my blue DS4).