Most wanted future Capcom releases

A recent poll on the official Capcom website suggests that gamers are most looking forward to Resident Evil 5. Out of the five options to choose from, RE5 received over 50% of the total votes. Devil May Cry 4 was second with just over 20% of the votes followed by Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles on the Wii with 17%.

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MissAubrey4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

Duh and why would Lost Planet be higher the games already out.

Arsenic134280d ago

I need re5, so bad, hopefully DMC4 is also coming to da best system........360(duh)

Skynetone4280d ago

Played all of them except the fourth {dame you nintendo}

looking forward to this

ImTheNumber124280d ago

I can't believe that you have played all of them except 4. it's on ps2, run out and buy it. It has a whole new feel to it. I love all the other games in the series with the exception of 0 and outbreak and I can tell you that you are really missing out.

PS360PCROCKS4280d ago

omg I am so looking forward to this game, I love these games, and hopefully DMC4 as well a I just got to play the game for the first time the other day and it was awesome

Odiah4280d ago

It was on PS2 for Petes sake.

Fook this, I'm gone.

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The story is too old to be commented.