The Evil Within 2 - Launch Trailer

Sebastian is up against flaming nightmares and grotesque creatures on his journey to rescue Lily in this latest trailer for The Evil Within 2.

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gantarat1936d ago

look like you can shoot while cover. so that mean we will fight some enemy with range weapon in later like first game ?

-Foxtrot1936d ago

I can't wait for this. For once I'm glad they changed voice actors...seems a little more believable acting wise then the first game

FullmetalRoyale1935d ago

Totally agree. I am a huge fan of Anson Mount’s work on Hell on Wheels, but this change is likely for the better.
I know so little about this sequel, having not watched any gameplay footage aside from the E3 reveal and this little trailer.
Definitely my most anticipated game of the year. Wolfenstein is a very close second.