Loot Boxes are Cancer, and We're Letting it Kill Gaming

Gamers, Loot Boxes are a huge problem that’s been allowed to happen by the gamers. From the very beginning, when Blizzard made this practice with Overwatch this shouldn’t have been allowed. Cosmetic or not, game-breaking or not, we allowed this cancer of gaming to devour us when it was a minor thing.

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-Foxtrot1990d ago

Certain people are, the ones who will say "it's not harming anyone, they are optional" or "you guys are overreacting"...they are the ones helping spreading this cancer because of the bullshit excuses developers have drilled into their heads to make them not seem as bad.

But journalists should also be to blame because they just seem to ignore this shit when reviewing games. Forza 7, Destiny 2, Shadow of War...hardly anything was said and even the reviews which did say something still gave the game a high mark. If the games don't get good reviews then it's obviously going to affect the developers bonuses and will put some sort of dent in the games sales...only then will the publisher get the message.

Battlefront II will be next I think...can already taste those pay to win features along with that mighty 9.5/10 score.

UletheVee311989d ago

.... You did read the article right?

Skull5211988d ago

Games are more expensive than ever to produce. As a community we need to decide whether we want these micro transactions, do we want the $30-60 season pass, or do we want to start just outright paying $100 for our games...

Princess_Pilfer1988d ago


Games also consistently sell millions of units, something most games, even most AAA games, couldn't dream of in previous generations.

Further, that's a false choice. Because, see, EA and Ubi and the like want ALL of those things, and consistently push them while also pleading poverty and hiding billions of dollars in like Denmark or something. Don't buy the corperate bullshit.

cooperdnizzle1988d ago (Edited 1988d ago )


I'm sick and tired of hearing this argument. First game development has gone up but the sale of games have also gone up pretty substantially, although when you look at the number of people that are part of the in house dev teams, the numbers are still relatively the same, you can actually find many reports of studios having less developers.

The second fact is that most of the big game publishers/studios (UBI, EA, 2K etc) have parts of the game outsourced, meaning pennies on the dollar.

3rd game companies are not so open about how much they have spent on development for the last four to five years. MGS4 cost 80 million dollars to make. That had no dlc, season pass or micro transaction to save them.

Last and this is the biggest one, Developers are putting these things in such as Dlc and Micro transactions as a fail safe, plain and simple. If they make a bad game and it doesn't sell as expected they can bank on the people who will end up spending 100 dollars 200 dollars etc etc on a game, thus making worse games for less money and knowing that if it wasn't received well they will still make a profit. If this continues to happen we will see more and more games come out broken, incomplete or flat out terrible games. The path we are on is a bad one, but gamers more than any other market will not stand for it long i truly believe this.

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Chexs19901989d ago

I actually allowed myself to be excited for EABF2. The first one was put out to reap sales along with the movie, so it was rushed and shallow.
Then they came out out and said that the second one had no season pass, which kinda raised the first flag.
Then I tried the beta for an hour and was like "yup, f**k this"
You'd have to be pretty low in the IQ department to not see sales tactic on this one. It'll essentially end up racking them more money than the season pass from the first one.

A shame really, seeing as the gameplay itself is quite good.

Same reason I'm not buying into Shadow of More: Pay up to complete edition

PapaBop1989d ago

"Battlefront II will be next I think...can already taste those pay to win features along with that mighty 9.5/10 score."

The only silver lining with battlefront 2, it'll be a great indicator of what review sites I can respect. I've seen some dubious scores in the past for various games but the way progression is currently being handled in battlefront 2 is borderline gamebreaking and deserves at least -2 to any respectable review score.

EatCrow1989d ago

Exactly. Lets wait and see what happnes...maybe these reviewers will surprise us...I doubt it.

EatCrow1989d ago

Journalists are truly the biggest voice. Like the rest of the media. If theyre corrupt and stupid then we all suffer from it.

the progression system alone should be enough to convince reviewers to shit on the game. It is a terrible practice and terrible game system.

vallencer1989d ago

They aren't going to go anywhere. More people buy them then anyone on this website realizes. I've been guilty of buying them but I earn my money and can do whatever I want with it. It's basically buying pokemon or magic cards people like to see what they can get. For me when its skin based loot or something similar it's fun to open them. F me though for supporting a game I like eh? Game cost have risen but the price of a game has not so game companies have to figure out a way to make money on a game after it's been completed. I'm ok with how overwatch does it. Everything is free technically speaking but you can buy loot boxes to support them if you like. Even rainbow six does it really well. Those are two games I wish everyone drew from. Destiny 2 does it in the most BS way possible because you used to be able to earn sparrows and ghost just through playing the game. Even ships but now they're all tied to those bright engrams. Also Shadow of wars loot boxes are a non issue. Every review and streamer who is playing the game agrees that you don't need them even for end game.

Like I said though they aren't going to go anywhere. They are a lucrative item to have in games. If I were to make a game I'd put them in there too. For every one person who won't buy them 10 people will.

2600Thunder1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Wholeheartedly agreed. Games should only cost about $40 realistically given that high budget movies cost that to own on bluray. The ones defending loot gambling sound like addicts in anything unhealthy. They don't care how they get their fix as long as they get that nice juicy rush and will sell their grandmothers or quite literally give them all their money to get it. GaaS pioneers like MS, Activision, and EA are the reason we will see less innovation in games and more of it in how they STEAL value away from customers.

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WePlayDirty1990d ago

I know I’m not. I haven’t touched a AAA game with these boxes in them.

Omnisonne1989d ago

Lootboxes themselves are fine, it's allowing people to pay for them that is bad.

Randomly generated loot has been in gaming for ages, from the old Diablo games to Borderlands to many others, it's a viable gameplay mechanic albeit very addicting. Now however people are literally gambling with their money, feeding developers' already poor ideas about this being a fun and profitable thing to do, while it hurts people in more than one way.

Einhander19711989d ago

The sheep keep buying it so it won't stop, they regard themselves as HARDCORE gamers, just mugs in my opinion. But that's modern gaming for you it's all about cash!!

_LarZen_1989d ago

And the cancer has spread to the gamers themselves. Now buying so much that it's a business model they wont remove.

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