The big Minecraft cross-platform update is live, but not on Switch

The Better Together update brings the biggest set of changes to hit Minecraft in years, expanding the Community Marketplace, streamlining access to third-party servers and uniting the game across platforms -- and it's all live. Well, most of it is.

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Zeref372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

I hope to see more collaborations with Nintendo in the future. Would be cool if they made an Xbox Streaming app for the switch that allows you to stream your Xbox games on Wifi.
This sort of thing would have never happened under Don Mattrick or Balmer for that matter, I liked Steve Balmer though he was passionate about his Company. But he wasn't the type of guy to share.

DEKUX12372d ago

they could of just said only cross with pc cus thats all it has

Cueil372d ago

That would be incorrect