Games that Broke Free of Convention

While some videogames genuinely strive to break new ground, many games are content to just stick to existing, tried-and true gaming formulas. And then there are the select standout titles that truly break free of the mold and end up actually reshaping the landscape around them.

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ifrit_caress464d ago

FALLENANGEL1984, what about Demon's Souls? That game redefined the RPG genre.

TheOptimist464d ago

> Last of Us
> Broke free of convention

Choose one.

And no Deus Ex or Souls games or E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy or Hotline Miami or Rocket League or Bastion/Transistor or more recently PUBG. And that is coming from someone who has very limited knowledge of gaming.

No wonder PC Gamer has become shit, hiring 10 year old writers.