Can No Man's Sky Become the Game We Thought It Would Be?

No Man’s Sky has received yet another patch, this time to the saving system. It’s been one year since the game first launched where it was universally hated by gamers for being ‘misleading’ about it’s contents and features. The developers had a tough time at first but they’ve been working hard on improving the game with various updates. It’s gotten to the point now where the game is being deemed playable by gamers. So now an interesting question has been raised, can No Man’s Sky become what we thought it would be?

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thorstein374d ago

Can? It already has. In fact, the updates have delivered more than was ever promised, even more that was NEVER promised.

"Universally hated by gamers" uh, no. Hated by some journos and critics (nothing new there) and a handful of people who lack reading comprehension (ie Gameinformer's 2014 article stating that MP was "impossible," IGN's 2015 article that stated MP wouldn't happen, and 2016's interview when asked point blank, Sean Murray said, "To be clear, NMS is not MP")

But, not universally hated, in fact there is quite a community of players that enjoy the game.

Of course, there are also that large group who bought the game and got exactly what they thought, a great first person exploration/ survival game set in a fictional HUGE galaxy.

So, yes, it has already done what was promised and then some.

Soulrakk374d ago

Let me know when you find that almighty huge surprise at the center of the universe.

374d ago
CorndogBurglar374d ago

I'm just going to start by saying that I never expected this to be a MP game. Mostly because of an interview where Murray said that it was POSSIBLE to play with other people, but it was highly unlikely that you would ever run into another player because of how large the galaxy is.

I took it that way. It seemed pretty clear to me. But in that same quote he did say it was possible to play with other people. And if its possible, then you KNOW people will make plans to meet up on a specific planet and play together.

Thats where the problem is. As a lead dev and mouthpiece for a game, you absolutely cannot make conflicting comments on multiple media outlets. You listed several sources where he said MP wasn't possible. I know of at least 1 very popular video where said it was possible. If you're making a game and giving different information to different media sources then guess what? Some people are going to be confused. And some are going to call you a liar because what they heard in the video they watched was wrong.

Also, lets not forget that Murray went silent for months after NMS released and was getting panned for not having all the features they claimed it would. When he broke his silence he said that he was no longer going to make comments about the game until he knew 100% that the features he's talking about will be able tonmake it into the game. If that isn't an admission of guilt from the lead dev then I don't know what is.

As far as the other things, sure, anyone who followed this game pre-launch, even a little bit, should have known what this game was. I did. But that doesn't mean it wasn't still missing features the said would be in it. And those features are well documented online and have been listed multiple times on this very site.

At the end of the day, like most things, the argument lies somewhere in the middle. There are those people that bash this game and Murray for being a complete liar and leaving out all these features they never really claimed would be available AT LAUNCH. But then there are those that defend this game and Murray until their dying breath as if they did nothing wrong. Again, its somewhere in the middle. Because their communication was poor and it was unclear exactly what would be available AT LAUNCH.

Bismarn374d ago

Is there a way to block seeing irrelevant articles about irrelevant games on N4G using keywords, like for example "No Man's Sky"? I'm asking for a friend.

Aenea374d ago

It's right next to the option to block posts by users that I don't want to see... 😜

goken374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

what was promised again?
flying around a procedurely generated universe right?
6 months someone gave me a copy (that someone hated it passionately). i took it (hey it's free), but i don't actually have that much time to game (and i game oh so slowly still slowly making way on witcher3 and RE7 on VR[scary])
i am embarrassed to say i have yet to be bothered to try it out mostly due to the bad things i heard about it. i heard it has improved a lot, but i am still not thrilled with the idea of flying around aimlessly with no end game or objective. maybe i am mistaken? is there more than that?

Chaosdreams374d ago

There's more to it now. It still has room to improve - and the team is doing just that.

There's been far too many additions to list, but if you go to their website, you'll find all of the information.

To summarize, they've had 3 major (I do mean major) updates. Which has included base building to improved flight controls, a story, more aliens, redesigned leveling system, etc.

It's a chill game, as best as I can say. If you're having a stressed out day and want to end on a relaxed note, No Mans Sky delivers.

gangsta_red374d ago

If you love collecting rocks on planets that change colors and managing the worse inventory UI in gaming then No Man's Sky is definitely for you.

Good soundtrack though.

one2thr374d ago (Edited 374d ago )

Nah, 7 days to die has the worse UI in gaming.

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