Sony doubles cost of PlayStation

PLAYSTATION fans, stand by to be milked: Sony expects you to hand over $1000 for its new console, more than 50 per cent more than Japanese gamers are paying.

If it is any consolation, you'll get 5c change when, from March23, Sony Computer Entertainment's long-awaited 60-gigabyte PlayStation 3 goes on sale in Australia, Europe and New Zealand.
Anyone hoping to save a few dollars on Sony's lower-spec 20Gb model had better hunker down for an even longer wait, because a Sony Computer Entertainment spokesman would only say yesterday that it would start arriving "later this year, depending on demand".
In Japan and the US, where the gaming console went on sale in November, the 60Gb model's recommended price is $US599 or Y59,980. At yesterday's exchange rate, Australians will be paying Y94,095.
Sony's Australian retailers, nervously watching Nintendo Wii consoles marching out the door at $399 since December and the older Microsoft Xbox 360 still selling solidly, will be wondering how families, in particular, respond to a $999.95 console.
Sony spokesman Adrian Christie said that while the PS3 was dearer than its competition, it offered features beyond its ability to play games, including a high-definition Blu-ray DVD.
"For the product offering, assessed by features, I don't think it's a high price," he said.

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MicroGamer5722d ago

but you British are still paying equivalent to 27 pounds more than the Aussies.

CyberSentinel5722d ago

Sony Fanniboyz LOVE vaseline.

DJ5722d ago (Edited 5722d ago )

Not that I mind. I mean, that's your job, isn't it Microgamer?

UrbanJabroni5717d ago (Edited 5717d ago )

...did you take the quiz to post articles? News, even bad news, is newsworthy.

Yet everytime someone posts a negative point about the PS3 they are "trying" to make the machine look bad. Guess what? It isn't all some massive conspiracy. At the end of the day, bad news is just that, bad news.

(Edit: see 16.1..I clarify that the issue is more about price and not the incorrect perception that Eurpose is getting "screwed")

dbug3605722d ago

im an aussie and i just went down to my local Kmart and ask when pre orders start she said " 5th of Feb and its $899"

BIadestarX5722d ago (Edited 5722d ago )

Not a problem for Sony fanboys! They are not smart enough to know they are getting rip off. I means the PS3 is a great console but come on that's a lot of money. At least have some respect for yourself and import it from japan or the US. This is insulting! You buy this and you my as well tatoo your butt with the words, "Sony's B****!"

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The story is too old to be commented.