10 Great Video Game Sequels That Still Killed Their Franchises

We're all doomed if a game as good as Max Payne 3 can kill a franchise.

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GamesMaster1982740d ago

I thought max payne 3 was amazing best slow mo brutal kills ever. If this came to PS4 i would buy it again.

Movefasta1993740d ago

'Which was a huge shame, because DmC was a brilliant continuation of the hack-and-slash franchise's core philosophies.' Excluding dmc2 ,1,3 and 4 were way better games imo

NickAwesome740d ago

I would love a Max Payne 3 Remastered on Ps4! That game has some of the best third person shooting i have ever seen in a game!

740d ago
SickSinceSix740d ago

Oh great, another 10 page clickathon. No thanks.

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