Here's a Brief Look At How Microsoft Made the Xbox One X So Small

Just a month from its launch, Microsoft recently posted a look at how it made the Xbox One X, the will be the most powerful console yet released.

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Gunstar75399d ago

I'm really interested to see if it overheats or sounds like a pneumatic drill

chrisoadamson399d ago

It's got that fancy vapour chamber so sorry don't think it will

spreadlove399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

That is reserved for the PS4 Pro and it's sandwich design since it has no vapor chamber and just a fan. The PS4 sounds like a jet engine already so more heat with Pro is definitely going to make it sound worse.

Xbox One X is how you design a real console instead of lazy and cheap design like the PS4 Pro.

Goldby399d ago

so are you also stating that the ps4, xbox one s and xbox one are also cheaply made consoles because they are also using fans?

or is this just a hit against sony?

LP-Eleven399d ago

Nothing lazy, nor cheap, about the Pro. But then, you'd have to own one to really know that and I suspect you do not.

OT: Looking forward to seeing how it fairs. My One S had an annoying buzzing sound in idle, so if the X is as quiet as they say, that's another check mark you can add to the machine!

PhoenixUp399d ago

I wish PS4 Pro were as small