Xbox One: 10 Biggest Mistakes Microsoft Have Made So Far

As with any home console, the Xbox One has a lot going for it. Strong support from developers, good technology and a few standout exclusives mean there's plenty to love about the Xbox One.

Despite all of the positives though, Microsoft's new system is definitely the underdog in the current generation. Whilst the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch are both having massive success in the market, the Xbox One doesn't seem to have as big of a fanbase as it previously did with the original Xbox or the 360.

This isn't without reason. Although they do seem to be putting more effort into their fanbase and image, Microsoft are still making the same mistakes now that they were at the start, without really improving much at all.

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UltraNova377d ago

This gen's outcome was decided in June 2013.

madpuppy377d ago

If MS didn't try to hijack the industry with "innovations" that were meant to "push the industry forward", as most proponents of Microsoft tried to convince everybody was somehow going to make everything "better" than it is now. In actuality, it was a poorly implemented scheme by Microsoft to kill consumer rights. If it became the status quo, it could have killed the industry.

Atticus_finch377d ago

You nailed it. It would be a completely different landscape if Microsoft had been successful with xbox1 from the beginning. Knowing Microsoft history has made them really untrustworthy to me.

fiveby9377d ago

Yea have to agree. I really don't trust MS. Granted they made some nice moves later in this gen to save face. And surely not everyone there is untrustworthy. However, I always have this nagging feeling that if MS is left with the keys to the kingdom we will all be worse off for it in the long run.

sazselesbon377d ago

Launching a less powerful, more expensive, Kinect bundled console pretty sumarises everything

chris235377d ago

they still got the massive american market. americans seems to love having an american multimedia brand in their living rooms. i don't see a problem here. the gaming market is clearly not their main target group anymore. yeah i would feel bad too if i was brand loyal to microsoft as a gamer.

leeeroythe3rd377d ago

Same ole bs... dont fan boys have games to play rather keeping the negative pr machine going before the release of the x1x. Oh its opinion piece...yeah like any blog is just for the sake of writing. My favorite gripe is the original x1 plan of always online . Its exactly where pc, sony and microsoft are now. Most games have features that make being offline an undesired mode of gaming... pricing models make selling anything other than brand new point less. Play anywhere is designed to encourage digital sales vs hardcopy. My favorite complaint is always exclusives... when microsoft pays for exclusivity ps4 fans go bonkers with hate (tomb raider) and yet sony has been the true detriment to competitive balance.

Bobafret377d ago

It is no longer just opinions, it is an army of fanboys with an agenda: Pile on and smear the competition as much as possible.