Sledgehammer Games Calls PS4 Pro & Xbox One X 'Truly Incredible'

Sledgehammer Games spoke exclusively with We Write Things about the capabilities within the new hardware from both Microsoft and Sony.

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bobsmith1940d ago

dont hold back on xbox x version because ps has marketing please

Neonridr1940d ago

amazing that more people disagree with what you are saying and apparently are ok with the Xbox One X version being held back.

remixx1161940d ago

I'm a ps4 supporter but I will say that you shouldn't really be surprised, the amount of hardcore fanboys on this site devoting their loyalty to plastic is disgusting.

Every version of a game should be the best it could be no matter what.

TFJWM1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

@remixx116 Development costs money. If they aren't going to get a return on their money i'd rather they spend it on more content then trying to max every single system.

"Every version of a game should be the best it could be no matter what." To what extent how much longer should they spend optimizing to have that?

ColonelRex1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Thats because its not the ps4 pro thats holding back the xbox1 x. The normal xbox1 is holding back the x. The ps4 pro and xbox1 x is not a new console generation. Therefore they are both held back by their normal counter parts because developers arent making exclusives for them.

ziggurcat1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

People aren’t disagreeing with him saying he doesn’t want the Xbox version the be held back. I think people are disagreeing with the assinine assumption that a marketing deal causes the development of a game on a competing system to be gimped.

Babadook71939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I think they down voted because they think there was no chance of Pro holding back One X. If anything the One would be the culprit.

Edit: @ColonelRex @ziggurcat
Yep there you go. Thought so.

spreadlove1939d ago


It is not called optimization when you try for parity. It's what I coined downtimization.


No you are wrong, the OG xbox is not holding back the X...through UWP the games are scaleable based on the hardware. An instant example would be FM7, the X is not only getting a resolution bump but it is also getting 4k assets/textures that the OG xbox isn't.

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ziggurcat1939d ago

Marketing deals don’t affect the development of a game on a competing system.

DarXyde1939d ago

I wonder how you felt about the base versions of the consoles or about the Xbox parity clause that used to be in place where indie games needed to release simultaneously to be on Xbox One (which, in principle, holds back a game from releasing sooner on rival platforms in order to have it developed on Xbox One, even if it wasn't the base version).

Not saying I'm in favor of any version holding any others back. I'm not. But I also wouldn't see it as malapropros if some marketing deal restricted the Xbox One X version. It seems to be par for the course of this generation.

USMC_POLICE1939d ago

I agree with you 100% but you realize this is COD? They take the simplest and cheapest route.

bouzebbal1939d ago

ahhh that will be your excuse from now on?

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Bigpappy1940d ago

They didn't mention either system though. Just said this new generation. That would include all current consoles.

81BX1940d ago

Except it isn't on the switch if I'm correct.

RememberThe3571940d ago

And it's not even a new generation, just mid gen upgrades. Just more PR bull?

PhoenixUp1940d ago

All I'll care about is the 9th gen PlayStation and Xbox consoles when they release

RememberThe3571940d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Me too. Skipping these mid gen upgrades for the real deal when ever they show up. No 4k tv, no need to upgrade.

spreadlove1939d ago

The 9th and every generation afterward console is hear already. Xbox doesn't have generation anymore. Playstation does, so expect your current PS4 games to not work on 9th gen.

ONESHOTV21939d ago

"Sledgehammer Games Calls PS4 Pro & Xbox One X 'Truly Incredible'" yeah but we aren't going to use that power because it's easy to create the same thing every year and gamers will buy it, ah correction casuals will

Tankbusta401939d ago

Good point. I cannot bring myself to get excited for a Sledgehammer game after I absolutely hated Advanced Warfare

TheVetOfGaming1939d ago

The Pro and XoX are around where the vanilla consoles should have been this gen. I don't see either as incredible. The jump wasn't that great from last gen. Hopefully next gen will give me something to be excited about. Just my opinion.

1939d ago
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