Could ARMS be Getting a New Character?

Nintendo’s new take on the fighting game genre may see another new character added to the roster soon. In the latest update trailer posted by the video game publisher, fans can catch a glimpse of what appears to be a robot version of the game’s hero, Spring Man.

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MunchMiller00399d ago

Could anyone give less of a s**t ?

Sgt_Slaughter399d ago

I mean if you don't care for the game or Nintendo or whatever, then don't waste you time going out of your way to make it known you don't give a crap.

This game is popular, it's receiving updates and more content, of course it's going to be covered by websites and journalists. Common sense apparently is learned now, not default.

Gigamax398d ago

There's always one! It is always interesting to see how non-fans react to updates. Thank you for your input!

Gigamax398d ago

Now this is a good point!

Gigamax398d ago

We're guessing you don't, but that's fine too! Have you been playing any good games lately?