Nintendo May Have 18 Million Wiis by End of Year

Judging by the news this week that Nintendo's income was up 102% over a year ago, it's safe to say that the Wii has been a tremendous help to the company since it launched November 19, 2006. Selling over 3 million units in just a matter of weeks, Nintendo said they expect to ship a total of six million units by the end of March 2007, and a full 7 million systems manufactured by that time. According to, they are about to get any even bigger boost that would put the system on track to outperform both the company's popular Nintendo DS and its next-gen rival Xbox 360 in first year sales:

"Nintendo says it's increasing production capacity to over a million Wii consoles per month. At such a pace, by the end of this year, over 18 million consoles would be produced. To give scale to such a figure, the Nintendo Gamecube sold 22 million units over the course of six years. Clearly, Nintendo's aggressive pacing shows they expect better success with their latest console,"

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MicroGamer4280d ago

I like the Wii so far. I hope they do hit that number. The only one who really suffers from the success of Nintendo is Sony.

True Gamer4280d ago

Sony is targeting a different demographic than Nintendo, I thought even YOU would know that. ;)

Marriot VP4280d ago

yes, a much much smaller demograph

Blu-Print4280d ago (Edited 4280d ago )

Over the course of 5-7 years is not a small demographic.

Marriot VP4280d ago

Yes targeting 100 million PS2 owners with DOUBLE the price of the console PLUS the cost of a decent HDTV.

Unfortunately stagnating an audience of consumers isn't the best way to sell a console and HD drive.

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BIadestarX4280d ago

Nintendo should take advantage of the hype they have on their favor. Think about it their best seller is wii sport. What does that tell you? I'm not saying it will happen but the wii has the potential of becomming gimicky very quickly. Once everything is done, "Turn to open door... aim to shoot" and people get use to it, people are going to start to focus on other aspect of gaming like graphics, sound, HD, etc. I can be wrong, I'm aware of that, but lets not forget that no MGS, Final Fantasy or Halo is comming to the wii... that I know... the only game I'm currently looking forward is the next mario.

big_tim4280d ago

They will hit a peak in sales if new games that really use the system don't come out fast enough. They have some first party titles that look impressive, but the 3rd party hasn't impressed me yet. I do hope the 3rd party developers get it together and do some really good titles .

Odiah4280d ago

MGS and Final Fantasy are both coming to the wii.

As for Halo, why would Nintendo receive a first party Microsoft game?

True Gamer4280d ago

lol...thanks for the laugh.

But the Wii can't handle any of those graphically advanced games, sorry

r10004280d ago

seriously... I DOUBT Sony is worried...

And Tru Gamer is correct... There's no way the wii can handle an epic type game like MGS..Lair, Motorstorm and bunch of other games I can't even remember.. I can see maybe final fantasy and even the graphics will not be great. Seriosly has anyone played the Wii's call of Duty.. That game looks horrible, like a gamecube version...

The wii really can't compare to the 360/ps3... i'm not saying it's not fun, but devs are limited...

eclipsegryph4280d ago

Lest you forget, the Wii is more powerful than the PS2, and the last time I checked, Final Fantasy XII, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, Black, and many more games look beautiful and play magnificently, all on a "last gen" system that is less powerful than the Wii.

Just think about it.

Harry4279d ago

People seem to think good = filling a game with as much dazzling shiny sh|t so the writers and producers don't have to work.

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Odiah4280d ago

They aren't the same versions as the ones on PS3 you God damn moron.

How old are you, eight?

jackie chann4280d ago

There are some right idiots on this site

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