On Sly Cooper's 15th Anniversary, the Thieving Raccoon Sneaks Back Into Relevancy

For Sly Cooper's 15th anniversary, reflect on the cliffhanger the series ended on, its upcoming animated series, and the mystery of Sly 5.

Sly (along with the heroes of Ratchet & Clank and Daxter of Jak & Daxter) was a wise-cracking hero in the same vein that we see in a lot of game protagonists of today, perhaps most notably in Uncharted's Nathan Drake. Sharing a lot in common (they're both thieves, naturally), the only thing that truly divides them is their bodies; Sly is a raccoon in an interactive cartoon, Drake is a dude who murders people for treasure. Sly can be seen as one small part in inching forward a grandiose change in video game heroes; protagonists who toss out jokes and commentary almost incessantly. Yet Sly also closed the book on a particular time period, as a part of the last line in the former dynasty of video game mascots.

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P_Bomb532d ago

What ever happened to the animated movie they advertised a couple years ago? R&C made it to theatres, Heavenly Sword I found on Netflix. The Sly movie just went dark.

FallenAngel1984532d ago

It got retrofitted into the upcoming tv show

P_Bomb531d ago

Tv show? There's a tv show inbound?

PhoenixUp531d ago

@ P

Yeah there is. Try reading the description next time

AspiringProGenji531d ago

Great mascot and series. I hope it stays alive for longer

badz149531d ago

Thieves in Time was an awesome entry to the series and I really wanna know how they would bring the series forward but it seems like the sequel is not in the works at all. come on Sony....don't let this series die! pretty please. you guys were willing to give Knack a sequels, why not go bigger? R&C is nice but Sly should be next!