Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4 Pro Resolution Sees Big Improvement In Beta Version

Take a look at the marked improvement.

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TheKingKratos400d ago

That's nice to hear
It will on my list

Bigpappy399d ago

Beside the visuals, Looks like it holds a much better framerate than PS4. Might be a slight advantage online.

TheColbertinator399d ago


They should cancel the Pro version if thats true.

Bigpappy399d ago

No. I disagree wit cancelling. It is not enough to tip the scale. You would have to cancel people with better connection speeds and more comfortable controllers too.

Skull521399d ago

4K60 on XBOX rumor may very well be true then!

TheKingKratos399d ago

and what's wrong with that ?
If the x1x version is the same thing,should they cancel it too ?

TankCrossing399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

A quality screen, good connection, and different speaker configurations (surround/atmos) are all advantageous as well. Not a big problem outside of organised eSport.

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DeadSilence400d ago

Didn't like it, controls are too tight and rigid, wasn't gonna buy regardless.

Themba76399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

i hate the flight controls in this game feels nothing like bf1 or 4

Nodoze399d ago

100% Disagree on the flight controls. They are markedly improved, and after about 15 minutes felt fantastic. VASTLY improved from the last game (which was utter garbage).

CyrusLemont399d ago

Really hate the flying controls, they should allow heavy customisation of it. I’d rather accelerate and brake with the triggers and use the face buttons for shooting.

Progression is an atrocity, it’s all loot boxes, what kind of rubbish is that??!?

Also PS4 Pro resolution sucks, it’s between 1080-1440p lol. Looks so blurry on a 4K tv. Better off waiting for the Xbox One X to play this, if you can bear all it’s problems. Will probably sell well anyway because of The last Jedi.

399d ago
DFresh399d ago

Lol. PC Master Race is the only way if you brag visuals bud. 😂😂😂 28514;😂😂㈳ 4;😂😂

SurgicalMenace399d ago

Wtf how does gaming on a PC make you the master of anything?!?! You guys are so insecure that you have to confuse taking part in a luxury somehow makes you superior? How sad. You're playing a game dude not computing algorithms to better serve humanity. This talk is toxic to an otherwise enjoyable recreation.

Your PC computes at the same bit rate as the current console 256. Yes you get more effects, but does that add anything else that a console version doesn't? A pretty woman doesn't need makeup to get compliments, though it could raise the quantity.

ThatDudeMunkee399d ago

Uhm, wha? I didn't have an issue at all on my 4K TV. Looked just as cinematic as I would have hoped it to be. Looked great on PC in 4K as well. Will be a buy for me shortly after release.

boing1399d ago

Didn't look blurry at all on my 4k tv. And HDR kills it. What kind of TV do you have?

SurgicalMenace399d ago

Sounds like an Emerson, Insigna, Element, or whatever else is on sale during black friday. Truth is if you don't have a higher end model you don't experience the full effect of 4K any way.

TheKingKratos399d ago

oh, you guys never cease to amaze me with your BS

SurgicalMenace399d ago


So what you're saying is, you don't own a 4K or Digital Foundary lives with you. You guys are killing me with all this resolution talk now that XB1X is releasing. What happens after you get it, you will be trying to convince yourself that playing Gears 4 in 4K makes it a better game? OMG this game is so amazing, as the people with original XB1s are like what changed? Listen the XB1X is not going to make people stop buying the PS4, so just get your system on Nov. 7th. Xbox will get outsold by Nintendo and Sony like every holiday. I know you would like for more people to join you in your battle cry of victory, but unfortunately it is ill placed. It's really sad, because you guys are coming off as very delusional in your arguments and desperation to make your choice of console relevant. Let me help you, when MICROSOFT convinces more people they'll go buy one.

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DFresh399d ago (Edited 399d ago )

The beta version looks bad which is expected because it’s not the final product.
I’m seeing jaggies, textures need improving and it needs anti aliasing badly.
As far as the class set up goes guns just need some buffering up.
Other then that I’m really enjoying the game so far.
Best way to play this game is in 3rd person, turn off aim assist, increase aim sensitivity to 50-60% and turn off controller vibration.
Playing this game in 1st person is just awful.
In my opinion.
Looking forward to the final game.
Got the deluxe edition bought for PS4 Pro and will buy again for PC at a later date once my rig is built.

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