Microsoft sales go higher than expected in last quarter

The sales of the Microsoft Corporation has increased considerably during the latest quarter, having brought more profit than it was predicted by Wall Street. However, the delay in arrival of the major new products resulted in spoiled financial results.

The quarter that finished in December marked the increase by 6 percent in the Microsoft sales , having reached the revenue of $12.5 billion. The delayed products - the latest versions of Windows Vista and Office 2007 - are to be launched next week.

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True Gamer4914d ago

But their Xbox 360 division is still raking in loses.

gogators4912d ago

includes more products than just the XBOX. The ZUNE certainly can't be making any money and their IPTV technology investments can't be making any money and MS did the right thing in improving the 360's warranty, which hurt that divisions bottom line. The XBOX division is in good shape.